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Hello sluts Yes, as most of you know – it’s My birthday in the coming month so here are some gift ideas – PLEASE do not deviate from these requests as every year I get booze, clothing and tickets I DO NOT WANT. I appreciate your gifts and creativity but as you do NOT posses […]

Hello sluts Many of you assume that as I am a professional and experienced Mistress that I do not offer any erotic services – this is not the case.  I very much enjoy the sensual and erotic pleasure of tie and tease and have a vast array of equipment here to tie and abuse you […]

Another great piece of writing from My sissy maid Dani Tallulah this time on Lent, fasting and giving it all up in order to give it to Me… Lent – the original diet plan Yay! It’s Lent the time of year when that post-Christmas diet properly kicks in and all the good intentions of those […]