Hello to both My existing and potential slaves and sluts,
My sissy-slave V has kindly written another of her lovely blogs to help you all with some sound advice from an experienced plaything to help and guide you when making your application and having your first meeting with a London Fetish Mistress like Myself.
All of U/us the TrannyFlat hope you find it most useful…
Spitty Kisses

A beginners guide to Finding a London Mistress.

A blog by sissy-slave V…

Has there ever been a better city in the world for BDSM than London ?
That of course is a matter of opinion but what is not in doubt is that in this amazing city of ours we are lucky enough to have the best BDSM Mistress in London by far… I am of course talking about Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
If you read my last blog you will know what my thoughts are on Mistress Scarlett Thorne… I adore Her.
Today however I am going to talk about starting out trying to get into the London BDSM scene and more specifically how to find a London BDSM Mistress that is right for you.
When I first started out many moons ago there was no guidance and even now no one has yet published a beginners guide to the London BDSM Mistress scene for dummies.  So I had to learn by making mistakes along the way and I am hoping this guide will be helpful for you.
All those years ago i would have given anything for some help, so i will do my best to pass on my knowledge.
The first thing you need to have when searching for a Mistress is to have the right mindset. What do I mean by that ?
Well, you have to be happy and not ashamed or guilty that you want to see a Fetish Mistress. If you attend a Mistress with shame or guilt, neither of you will enjoy Y/yourselves. You need to embrace what you want to do and feel confident in your choice to have a session.  It can be nerve wracking applying to see a Mistress but picking someone who is an EXPERT with many years of experience such a Mistress Thorne, is much more likely to result in a safe, sane and consensual kinky experience, as they will have lots of knowledge and be able to guide you through a kinky BDSM session.
Everyone without exception has at least a bit of a fetish, whether that is being spanked, maybe a certain role play scene, crossdressing, heavy bondage or something much more mild like just being tied up lightly and teased.  There is a human need to explore our fetishes and what better place than with a Mistress.
So that’s what I mean by being in a certain mindset. You should be happy and comfortable with what you are doing and above all proud you have the courage and strength to know what you want. 
Once you get to that point then you are ready to take the next step.
So as i said there are literally 100’s of BDSM Mistresses in London so how to choose or work out where to go? Research is the key. Do your research and look carefully at the website of the specific Mistress you are interested in. Once i implemented this technique I was really lucky and found Mistress Scarlett Thorne.
My reasoning for making my application to Her, was that a really good Mistress who had experience would have a detailed website and i could get all the information I needed, not just photos. There are websites which give a list of Mistresses but always look at their specific website which will hopefully give a lot more detail. From that you can get an idea of what to expect and an insight into the thoughts of a specific Mistress. For example what fetishes they cater for, the sort of people they prefer to see and the approximate location (though i would travel to the moon to see MST ! ). So do your research and don’t just look at the pictures, tempting as that is – read what the Mistress you are interested in is really saying in Her website. 
The website of Mistress Scarlett Thorne is to me, a perfect example of what a website should be like and the sort of information you need to know.
So you have done your research and next it’s arranging a meeting. If you have read the website it will have told you how to contact the Mistress. In the case of Mistress Scarlett Thorne it was strictly by text (SMS) or maybe a text followed by an email if you were coming in from somewhere like the USA or Canada to of course save Her having to text you internationally.

This is where a lot of newbies mess up. What they don’t realise is that this next part is where it can all go wrong when applying to serve a Mistress…

There are a lot of people ( more than you would realise) sending applications to a Mistress asking to see them.
Most if not all Mistresses, contrary to popular belief, have a life outside being a Mistress so their time will be limited and of course with so many applications they can afford to be very choosy. Mistress Scarlett Thorne never sees more than a few people PER WEEK so you may need to apply a week or even a month in advance to try to get a first session. 
Your application has to count and get noticed. It’s imperative that you follow the application instructions, otherwise you won’t even get considered or replied to. A one line text with bad grammar saying you are horny is not going to cut it up against a very detailed and honest application.
To be frank, Mistresses can smell bullshit but they also appreciate honesty and good manners, as any Lady does.
So whatever the instructions, follow them. Whether its an email or text, be open and be honest. Remember a Mistress has seen or heard most things before so be totally open and upfront about yourself and what you looking for and then the Mistress might be willing to see you.

So you have sent your application and have been checking your texts or emails for a reply from your potential new Mistress…

A few hours go by and you are tempted to send another email…
Did you get my email?‘  That’s what you want to say. DO NOT be that person.  As I have said previously, Mistresses are very busy so patience is required. They might be busy or studying or visiting family or have a cold or be out with friends or just plain ignoring you because you are a hopeless slut… BE PATIENT.
My rule of thumb is to leave it a week and if you have still not got a reply send a very humble follow up.
After that if you don’t get a reply then accept your application has been rejected for now and move on. But don’t be disheartened. Remember there is a lot of competition for slave space with a really good London Mistress, and also you have to remember that Mistresses have regular slaves they will always see first (the ones who were lucky enough to get an appointment) .  You could always try again politely in a month or a year if you really believe you are meant to serve that particular Mistress. It could just be that your fetishes do not align, so also don’t feel downtrodden by no response – if a Mistress is interested in meeting you and She believes you would get along, you are highly likely to get a response even if there isn’t any appointment space for a while. It’s important to remember that like going to a really good restaurant or a really amazing event, there may be a waiting list for a high caliber London Mistress.

But HURRAH – Mistress gets in touch!

Life is looking up. You have finally found a Mistress who is willing to see you, who you really want to serve. You have got a date and time and you are all set to go!
Firstly congratulations on your application but did I tell you that in a recent survey conducted by a well known polling slave ( me asking dani!) meeting a Mistress for the first time is where it can all go wrong for a ‘Newbie’ and even in  some cases for seasoned campaigners like myself.

So how do you prepare to see a London Mistress?

Well for starters do you have a valid excuse if you are in a relationship or working a full time job?  If neither of these apply then you can skip  this part, but if you are, make sure you have a good reason to be absent. Have all bases covered so you can concentrate on your session and not be distracted. After all this is your fantasy time and you don’t want to be thinking about anything else like your hairy boss with B.O asking where you filed the biscuits…
Secondly make sure you get to the destination in plenty of time and that you know exactly where the place is and the specific instructions. For my very first session I made sure I had the directions memorised.
I got there in plenty of time and went to a nearby coffee shop and had a coffee and got myself mentally ready. Then when I got further instructions I was able to go there on time and in a discreet fashion.
Always remember DISCRETION is very important for both you and the Mistress.
Never ever hang around outside a Mistress’ place before the session or turn up making lots of noise or in a way that will get you noticed. Leave that gimp suit you were planning on wearing at home or those heels you had in mind for IN the session only!
Remember where you are going is more than likely a discreet residential location of the Mistress, so be very respectful and above all discreet.
It is wise to check in advance if the Mistress is renting the dungeon or has Her own place, as this will help you think about whether you might bump into someone else visiting another Mistress and ways to avoid that. Mistress Scarlett Thorne has Her own discreet place and sees very few people so that isn’t something to worry about with Her, but it is something I had to think about on my previous Mistress adventures before I was lucky enough to meet Her.
You will know the tribute costs which would have been agreed with the Mistress, so what i always do is have the tribute in an envelope and leave it on the side or you can hand it to your Mistress straight away.  Some Mistresses use digital payments now, but be careful doing that as bank accounts do leave a trail. As a ‘Newbie’ I would suggest that as soon as you arrive you need to pay your tribute for your session. NEVER make the Mistress wait for this or make Her ask for it. NEVER. Have it in your pocket ready and hand it over straight away.  A Mistress should never have to ask or beg you for money as that would be really demeaning to Her, so first thing when you enter the property and you are in the room or dungeon ALWAYS hand over your tribute.
My only advice regarding money is if you can’t afford to see a Mistress then this is not for you. A high class professional Mistress  with Her own place is expensive for a reason. MST hasn’t increased Her hourly rates for many many years and I am so grateful for that. For a central London Mistress Her rates are really fair. The equipment is expensive in any dungeon space (look around the dungeon you are currently in or will visit ) plus it’s an exclusive service and time consuming planning a session, let alone all the admin to get you there. Not to mention London rents are insane and of course all the panties that need to be replaced due to sissies stealing them… (Though this could be a problem specific to the Magnificent Mistress Thorne and Her amazing Crossdressing empire but you get the point…). When it comes to a tribute if you wish, add a bit extra to help the lost panties fund – especially if you are a guilty panty thief.
A Professional Mistress will always put you at ease when you arrive and maybe have a chat with you first before the session starts if that’s appropriate for your requirements.
Remember to relax and have fun. Be yourself and enjoy the session. A good Mistress will always respect your limits and if you are new to BDSM they will be taking extra care to make sure you are comfortable. Remember if you are ever uncomfortable with anything then speak up or say. Most Newbies always think they can do more in a first session than they can, so my top tips are always respect a Mistresses limits, always ask if you want to do something and never be offended if They say ‘next time’.  It is after-all just a first meeting of hopefully many many kinky adventures, so don’t push for loads more time than the Mistress looks happy to provide and was agreed – just enjoy the time you have, and savour the (hopefully) amazing experience!  Communication with your Mistress is key to everything.
So you have had your first session and cleaned up afterwards in the bathroom. You feel relieved but also happy as well that you have done something you wanted to do for a while.

You haven’t made any major mistakes so it’s time to go . However there is one more important tip to remember…

If you have any panties in your pocket put them back or ask first!
So that’s my rough guide to finding a London BDSM Mistress.
Of course if you asked me for a personal recommendation then i can only recommend Mistress Scarlett Thorne . Before I was privileged enough to see Mistress Scarlett I had seen various Mistresses who were all great, but for me personally She ticked all the boxes and probably a few boxes that I didn’t know needed ticking or even existed.
Then of course there was also the Wardrobe of Doom where I could dress up to my heart’s content…
Anyway i hope you all find this guide very helpful and good luck with your search for your ideal London Mistress
until next time