Hello My darling sluts

Just a quick note to wish My amazing loyal slutlets based in the USA  (and those all around the world!) a wonderful Thanksgiving and of course to remind you all how very THANKFUL you should be on every day of the year that you serve Me!

I am very thankful this year for My wonderful band of merry tarts, especially those who have been generous enough to send items from My wishlist or vouchers to help with the great moving of the TWOD. Tokens such as those are remembered and cherished. Those who have been USELESS and not helped in any way whatsoever are NOT on the TrannyFlat Christmas Card list this year and WILL be put in the ugliest dresses and most bland underwear…

Instead of pardoning a Turkey I shall consider pardoning Dani-Tallulah this Thanksgiving. My thoughts however are that she most likely ought to be plucked, stuffed and spit-roasted rather than pardoned…

But most seriously once more, I do thank you all for your many many years of loyal service and devotion and I am looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Happy Thanksgiving My darling sluts


Spitty kisses



AMAZON VOUCHERS from amazon.co.uk (NOT .com) to mistressthorne@hotmail.com

Wishlist for the move: