Hello My darling sluts!

For those of you you who are unaware, I have been EVER so busy the last eight weeks undertaking the MASSIVE task of moving out of the TrannyFlat! I have been storing everything (including O/our precious ‘TWOD’ – (Tranny Wardrobe of DOOM) and the Dungeon) and then getting on with renovations in the NEW NEW TrannyFlat!

Why oh why have I moved from lovely SW1 you may ask?

Pimlico did indeed suit Me well… However, I’m sure you’ve seen on the news that rents in London are rather extortionate. Perhaps have a sneaky peek on any property site and your eyes will likely water with shock (almost as much as if I stuck My largest strapon dildo down your throat and made you try to suck it without gagging).

I carefully considered My options and they were to either request more tribute off My dear and darling sluts (which would only be handed over to a landlord in reality and not be of benefit to your precious Mistress), see more sluts and slaves than just My carefully hand-picked maximum of one lucky tart or slut per day or undertake to yet again move the Dungeon, the TrannyFlat and Tranny Wardrobe of Doom to a new location.

Whilst I would love to be able to demand more and more cash tribute from all of you kinky bitches for O/our time together, and whilst My tribute rates are indeed very reasonable, I know everyone feels stretched financially at this time and to increase My rates to simply give to a landlord seemed unfair on Me and also unfair on you.  I am sure you wish for Me to benefit from your cash tribute rather than for Me to be paying off the mortgage of someone else. 

As you all know, I see a maximum of ONE lucky slave or slut per day.  Those of you who have known Me for many many (many many) years, know this simple system suits My personality well and does genuinely benefit both of U/us. Though to some it may seem silly to only session once per day as a session itself lasts perhaps just two hours of the day, those of you ‘in the know’ understand that it takes not only the time of the session, but preparation time and cleaning time and the time to organise and consider the time that I will spend with you. When I wake up on the day that I will be meeting with you, My focus for the day is solely you. For that day you are My plaything, My slut, My kinster and I like to have the focus of just one slut or slave for one day. My close Lady friends and of course My naughty sissy maids still goggle at the quantity of washing that the Tranny Wardrobe of DOOM (TWOD)  produces, and indeed, another important factor in My ‘One slave – Once a Day’ policy it that W/we would actually DROWN in frilly panties and dresses that need washing should I stray from the path of only one session per day.

So – one slave, once per day and of course I am NOT available on weekends as everyone needs time to refresh themselves and have a fabulous life.  Do the math My precious little slutlets. Pimlico and indeed much of the very centre of zone one in London was no longer feasible. So I have moved to…. (DRUM ROLL)… Zone 2 ! 

I will now be based back in West London just into Zone 2. My Jester kindly pointed out that two of the local tubes sound like ‘Queens Farts and Maids FAIL’ which made Me chuckle and is appropriate.

I am VERY excited to welcome you all back to the fold soon.  The NEW TrannyFlat does need quite a lot of work and I had several weeks waiting to get in, where I went on a rather wild traveling adventure that included boating in the Fenns and camping by a lake in the West of the country.  I shall tell you all about it when I see you of course.

I request that those slaves that wish to help please do so by sending Amazon. co.uk (NOT .com) vouchers to mistressthorne@hotmail.com as this will help Me with ordering decorating and homeware supplies, and actually constitute you having been useful rather than you offering to help with things Mistress knows lots about and you probably don’t.  I shall now to be busy decorating, tanking walls, treating a subfloor and yes, I have once again got the hammer drill out! I have not yet put the dungeon in the new TrannyFlat and the TWOD is safely in storage, so please do not have a sissy panic attack and text Me endlessly about your frilly dresses, rubber tops or sexy leggings. Nothing has been thrown away and all the sissy, slutty, tarty clothing is safe including your belongings that you keep with Me!

DO YOU WANT TO HELP WITH THE MOVE? The best way you can help is to send vouchers and of course, book in for your session and gift as much extra tribute as you can manage when you next attend to help with the moving costs. I also have an ‘Amazon wishlist which you can access by clicking below – however vouchers are very much appreciated (and very discreet) as then if I need to order something for the fixing of the new flat, I can do so quickly.

So My sluts – I look forward to seeing you very soon – I hope all is well with you and of course I shall announce when I am available once more to amuse Myself with your attendance.

As ever I send My spitty kisses to My precious playthings and appreciate your patience during this time of moving. I am hopeful that there shall be no more delays or disasters with the move (some of you know there were a few logistical issues!) and I will update you all by text if you are in conversation with Me in that way, or on here when the TrannyFlat and the Dungeon are reopened.

In the meantime stay slutty, remain in chastity and of course, serve Me better and love Me more.

Spitty kisses



AMAZON VOUCHERS from amazon.co.uk (NOT .com) to mistressthorne@hotmail.com

Wishlist for the move: