Another great piece of writing from My sissy maid Dani Tallulah this time on Lent, fasting and giving it all up in order to give it to Me…

Lent – the original diet plan

Yay! It’s Lent the time of year when that post-Christmas diet properly kicks in and all the good intentions of those New Year promises can actually be realised.
Mistress Scarlett Thorne takes Lent very seriously and doesn’t just expect but demands that Her slaves give something up and She Herself always gives up something for the period running up to Easter. i think this is partly solidarity but also because Mistress Herself is a very spiritual person who constantly seeks to improve Herself (even though it is very hard to improve perfection).
So earlier this week while i was on my knees scrubbing Her kitchen floor Mistress came and told me what i was to give up this year. i am extremely lucky in this respect because Mistress is always thoughtful and always goes out of Her way to think up ways to improve me and every year i have served Her She has decided something i should give up for Lent.
This year Mistress has ordered me to stop having sugar in coffee or tea and only use sweeteners and to help me out giving up alcohol has banned me from going into bars and drinking at home or in the Tranny Flat.
As usual She has, after careful thought, come up with exactly what i need. She always believes that it is better to give up one or two things and do it properly. In this case cutting down on sugar and alcohol will help me lose even more weight and generally be healthier. As Mistress says i am no good to Her if i am dead or too ill to work.
Mistress Herself is giving up crisps and chocolate to lead a healthier lifestyle and show through the strength of Her resolve what Her slaves should do.
In addition She has decided W/we should give something away to charity every day of Lent because generosity and giving are important virtues (i am just hoping She doesn’t decide to give away all my dresses and shoes…).
Some of you may think though what a Dominatrix and Her maid are doing getting involved in an ancient religious festival which has its origins thousands of years ago when Moses led the children of Israel out of slavery.
Well it may come as a surprise to some but the Tranny Flat is a very “religious” place and both Mistress Scarlett Thorne and i are in different ways very spiritual people. Admittedly it is kind of that “old time religion” of Bible bashing (literally Mistress hitting me with a big Bible), understanding the importance of suffering and chastity, humility and humiliation, and worship of a Superior being (although Mistress never refers to Herself as a Goddess most people who know Her think She is).
Actually, personally, i have always been a religious person and have always genuinely believed that everybody has a spark of God in them and some special people project it far more than others. This is why i’ve never felt any contradiction or guilt about worshiping Scarlett Thorne who in Her own way has made me understand my true female and submissive self better and as a result healed my soul too. For me a Person doing God’s work helps people reconnect with themselves and fulfil their potential and that is what Mistress Scarlett has done for me and many, many other slaves. We should all be great that such a Superior even gives us the time of day.
But that is just an aside. Lent is a time of year when you as slaves can show your desire to dedicate yourselves more to the Mistress you serve and also improve yourselves in the process and suffer. What more could you hope for?
I know Mistress Scarlett Thorne would like to hear about what Her slaves and dedicated followers are giving up for Lent so you should Tweet Her with your ideas on @Scarlett_Thorne.