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The Trinity of TRIBUTE (NOT .com)  Vouchers to


Being a Dominatrix is an expensive and time consuming affair; a torrid and wanton affair of the heart and mind, neither of which seem to take into any account the pockets… 

I am not greedy in any sort of regular sense, but I am far from being a regular Mistress…

When I discuss ‘Tribute’ in its wider sense, I am often referring to the overall trinity of the three parts of giving to Me as your Mistress.  For the serious slave this ‘trinity of tribute’ is essential for the sense of ‘giving of the whole self’ to your Mistress.  For the ‘session only‘ slave of course I only expect a financial contribution for O/our time together and you are not required to read all of this page, other than for the purposes of education and interest.

Etymology of the word ‘Tribute’

“stated sum of money or other valuable consideration paid by one ruler or country to another in acknowledgment of submission or as the price of peace or protection,” from Anglo-French tribute, Old French tribut and directly from Latin tributum “tribute, a stated payment, a thing contributed or paid,” noun use of neuter of tributus, past participle of tribuere “to pay, assign, grant,” also “allot among the tribes or to a tribe,” from tribus (see tribe). Sense of “offering, gift, token” is first recorded 1580s.

For the serious long-term follower of Mine, your sense of giving yourself to Me can be enhanced through the TRINITY OF TRIBUTE which is:

Session Donation – as described on My ‘rates’ page.

Gift Giving – Appropriate gift giving from My wishlist

Lifestyle Tribute – giving towards My lifestyle as outlined below.  This can be in the form of giving of your time to assist Me (perhaps with chores, DIY or taking Me to the theatre etc), financial support for studies or as bill or charity payment.

I love money. Lots of it. But NOT for the reasons you may think… I could happily take every penny of yours and give the lot to charity. I do not own a Porsche or a Ferrari or even waste the world on pathetic self indulgences of any ordinary type. I like nice things – but not in excess.

I believe in radical giving: to charity, to people, to places, to  animals, to the needy and even to the greedy.  Radical giving is a lifestyle choice that is transforming and passionate and life altering and I want you to experience it. If I have an excess of something I give it away.  I give My time and passion for BDSM in its all encompassing, life enhancing abundance TO YOU.  I do this because I have an excess. I give this to you out of generosity.

I do not spend all of My time concentrating on being a Dominatrix. I do not need to. Everything that I am comes very naturally to Me and has NOT been learnt from books or from pretending to be something I am not. I enjoy Dominating and captivating all of My playthings and changing and transforming your perspective of the world from the inside out is what I truly seek to do.

I very much enjoy alternative and additional pastimes to My BDSM lifestyle.  If I were to stay locked in My dungeon at all times I would be the prisoner and never able to really hold you captive…

I study part time at higher research level and also volunteer with charities in the UK and abroad.  I horse ride, have an avid interest in farming and like hill walking and visiting UK beaches.

I am many things to many different people, as I am sure that you well understand. We are all gifted and able to give different things to different people at different times.

I dislike discussing money but I am occasionally financially realistic and recognise the rent on the TrannyFlat needs to be paid and the BDSM equipment always needs to be updated… Being a Dominatrix is an expensive and time consuming affair; a torrid and wanton affair of the heart and mind, neither of which seem to take into any account the pockets… 

I appreciate tributes can be in many forms and so if you would like to help Me with some radical giving of your own in the form of rent, bills, financial assistance towards studies or similar then please do let Me know.  This would be a separate matter to session tribute, which is always expected unless you intend to fund My whole life and the dress buying habits of My maid Dani Tallulah…

Some ideas on how to give to Me and complete your TRINITY OF TRIBUTE. (NOT .com) Vouchers to


If you wish to gift Me your time to do chores, DIY, drive Me (qualified and registered cab drivers only), offer tech support or offer specialist advice or services (law / accountancy / education / mortgage brokering etc ) then please discuss this with Me at O/our next session as this may be useful to Me. Sissy maids who wish to clean whilst dressed will still need to pay a tribute as I receive a very high volume of requests for maid applications.

Everyone has a specialist skill and sharing your gift with Me can function as a way of giving yourself.

Please understand that doing this will be nothing like a BDSM session and WILL NOT be in exchange for one. Sessions and the financial tributes for these are a separate matter.  Gifting your time or skills will be an honest offering and a sign of your devotion and sacrifice to Me – you will get nothing tangible in return.


Financial assistance towards study or classes : Pay My University / college / class fees for Me by arrangement (directly to the establishment if you prefer). You may also wish to assist Me in paying off some of My existing student finance as studying to a high level as I have done has of course racked up the fees over the years!


If you have a property that you would like Me to consider having or using long term for a low rent or as a long term gift then I would be willing to discuss this with you.


Support the charities I support or even sponsor a dog, donkey or tree on My behalf and gift it to Me. Perhaps you could sponsor Me on My next charitable adventure?

As part of My concept of radical giving I try to give something to charity every day.  This is tough some days as it can mean searching for something worthwhile giving away.  Just because W/we give something away shouldn’t mean it is second best.

Sometimes it’s time, other days money, many days things that W/we accumulate and do not need.  If you would like to de-clutter, have help with giving or get ideas of things to give away then talk to Me at O/our next session.


I appreciate you doing food shopping for Me or giving Me vouchers to do or order this Myself. Even Mistresses need to eat (slaves less so)!

W/we can go on a shopping trip together if you would like to do so. Despite all of My charitable interests I still enjoy having nice clothes and nice things bought for Me.


I accept financial contributions in the way of bill payment, such as for electric, phone, television etc. I also have monthly costs such as dental bills, health insurance, manicures and pedicures all of which need paying for and can be paid direct and in advance or as one off gifts to Me.

There is no holiday pay, sick pay or any paid day off as a Mistress. 

My advertising costs are of course high and so payments to these would be appreciated. Often advertisers can be paid directly and on a regular basis meaning you are making My life easier. Many of them also accept Amazon vouchers or cash payment into bank accounts so this can be totally discreet if you prefer.

I have to pay rent for the TrannyFlat (look at costs of property in London – I pay thousands per month to maintain the TF) and for My modest home, so contributions or regular payments towards rent and upkeep of the premises are appreciated. If you wanted to really change My life and enable Me to change the lives of many people, it is rent payments that are most appreciated.


If you buy Me a gift you must understand that it is then MINE (it is no longer yours because you gave it to ME)  so if I get the urge to give it away then you should simply enjoy how much I am enjoying giving your gift away, as a gift for someone else.

You can also visit My general wishlist within this website to find out about some of the gifts I am happy for you to purchase for Me. CLICK HERE

Now, despite all of that, and BECAUSE of all of that – I make THE MOST FORMIDABLE AND GREEDY FINANCIAL DOMINATION MISTRESS. I know what to spend your money on much better than you do! So for those few elite cash pigs and filthy rich PLAY toys who may want to play a game of ruination with Me take note : PAY ME NOW YOU CASH PIG AND SAY “OINK” !!!!

Money does after all make the world go around… and your world should revolve around Me.

London Mistress Scarlett Thorne