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“This Pre-Raphaelite Goddess will entice you, use you, encapture you and entrance you with her wicked charms.

Having been a lifestyle and pro Dominatrix from a young age, Mistress Scarlett Thorne has the advantage of youth and beauty, combined with skill and many years experience.

Mistress Scarlett Thorne is British, well spoken, well educated, understanding, and provides a vast array of services. She has Dominated and captivated hearts and minds across Britain, Europe and America.”

Contact Me

It has been said that I am not the easiest Mistress to arrange a meeting with.

I agree entirely with this statement; however it has also been noted that once you know what fun, devious and perverted behavior keeps Me from answering the your texts most days – I am sure that the effort of arranging to meet with Me will seem worthwhile!

I expect you to work quite hard to gain My favour. I do NOT accept just any application to become My slave, though if you are perverted, highly sexed, a tranny slut, a sissy maid and have a wicked and perverted sense of humour you are in with a fair chance.

I expect you to be flexible with the times you are available and bend to when I want to meet you. I am a Woman of many qualities, though please understand I have no more hours in the day than you do so let’s not waste each others time… 

The best way to get in touch is to TEXT Me on 07910 47 66 39 with the details I request below. This saves us both time and energy and allows Me to respond to you when appropriate.  If you want long conversations to fiddle with your filthy little parts then you can pay Me for these after I have met you and taught you a lesson – not before hand!

My email is ONLY for receiving Amazon Vouchers – you will NOT get a response if you send an email! If you wish to send a voucher then please visit My wishlist by clicking HERE!

Otherwise, to text Me, please introduce yourself and your desires in the SMS message. Texts need to be written politely NOT using text language.


your NAME – your AGE – your NATIONALITY, your ETHNICITY, your EDUCATION LEVEL, your JOB TYPE, any MEDICAL CONDITIONS (I do not discriminate regarding medical conditions but I NEED to know in case you were to get poorly during O/our meeting – I see people with everything from heart conditions to epilepsy)

Potential (unlikely) slave: “Mistress – wow – that’s a lot of info, why R U asking me that?” 

Mistress Scarlett Thorne: “Because, you little twirp, I am not a pimped out street corner whore who is being forced to take every Tom, Dick or Harry on a merry little willy-waltz.  As an ESTEEMED and IMPERIOUS Dominatrix it should be observed that I actually LIKE seeing a FEW select boys to have kinky fun with.

I ask for all the information in a text message to determine whether I may actually want to spend moments of My precious life with you.  If I think (or even suspect) that you may present to Me as an uneducated TURNIP, then I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN YOUR COMPANY.  

Now bugger off back to the hole you crawled out of and take your text language and your twenty-something hipster clothes in there with you…”

Having read the message from the unfortunate turnip, and carefully considered My very sensible reply, I hope you now fully comprehend how to make a successful application to serve Me.

If you still wish to apply and have double checked that you are not residing in Hoxton, wearing skinny jeans or wearing sunglasses in the dark, you may ALSO INCLUDE IN YOUR TEXT  your fetishes (though these are NO use to you if you have not included the above information first!).

If you can’t or won’t text, I strongly suggest that you learn to do so if you want to meet with Me.

PLEASE include times that are not suitable to text back and please understand a same day appointment is unlikely if I don’t know you already.


  • It will not be easy for you to see Me in the first instance.  If I decide to entertain you, you had better impress Me. If I decide to see you twice or more, you will know that you are one of a very SMALL and ELITE group of slaves that belong to only Me. I do NOT see more than a handful of playthings per week, so you will know your time is unique in My world, as Mine should be in yours…


If you are humble and/or filthy enough – and if I like the sound of abusing you, I will text you with a time to call Me or My receptionist. Once requested to do so you may telephone respectfully on 07910 47 66 39 to book a session.

With-held, foreign, private and 08 or 09 numbers will not be answered. If you have one of these go and buy another phone. If you are not in the UK – you can order one off the internet or text when you get here.

If you are asked to email Me, I will supply you with an address to send an email to. I really cannot be bothered to reply to piles of silly emails, so texts are the best way to contact Me initially. Replies to emails are sent out by My one of My webslaves and never by Myself.

DO NOT EMAIL ME OR CALL ME UNLESS YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. You may TEXT Me as I have suggested on 07910476639 and then I will arrange a time for you to call.

My email for (NOT .com) gift cards ONLY is

I look forward to receiving your pathetic application and to abusing you in the near future…

Best wishes

Mistress Scarlett Thorne

07910 47 66 39