Here is a blog about the NEW TrannyFlat Honours system.  

Written By Top-Bitch Companion of Honour Maid Dani Tallulah (MTF OTF CTF)


Mistress Scarlett Thorne wishes to keep informed about what is going on in Her realm (aka Greater Wales or the world depending on your perspective), so She likes to keep the 24 hour news programs running. His means my little brain gets to absorb lots of news while i am scuttling around doing my chores. One of the items that seemed to keep on coming up in the last few weeks was that Cameron man wanting to give honours to his friends and his wife’s stylist or something like that. Actually i think Samantha Cameron’s stylist and general PA deserves an award, she did a wonderful job making her boss look fab. This sort of thing needs to be rewarded.

Anyway all that fuss made me think…what about Mistress Scarlett Thorne coming up with Her own honours system. After all it seems that honours only mean something if it comes from somebody VERY important and who is more important than Mistress? (The answer is nobody).

So one thing i learnt is that there is an Order of the Bath! Yes really! It’s amazing. It looks tailor made for Mistress Scarlett to reward scrubbing and pulling hair out of plug holes.
Another one that really exists is Companion of Honour. That seems to perfect to describe being allowed to spend a lot of time in Mistress Scarlett’s presence or go with Her on shopping trips or even to the theatre! There is no greater honour for a companion.

Apparently MBE, OBE and CBE mean Member, Order and Commander of the British Empire…if that actually exists. Mistress could have MTF, OTF and CTF…maid, O-shaped mouth and cum drinker of the Tranny Flat…there could be TTF (toilet), FTF (fuck toy) and so on…

But obviously Mistress would need Her own honours system beyond the limits of the silly British one..

How would She do knighthoods…or rather Damehoods…being made a dame is basic training in the Tranny Flat rather than a high honour…Mistress instead names people Her Top Bitch. Better than a seat in the House of Lords!

Fortunately, i may have helped Mistress with creating Her new honours system. For Her birthday i bought Her a profanity generator which comes up with all sorts of very rude words and insults. Mistress has decided to call it Her Tranny Taunt of Doom (TTOD) to go with the Tranny Wardrobe of Doom (TWOD).

So maybe lucky slaves will be bestowed an insulting name as an honour for being a allowed to serve Her…”I dub thee bitch fungus” or “I award thee the title of ass glob”. It has quite a ring to it, doesn’t it? Which reminds me Mistress will expect to be pummel that ring before any honours are awarded…