The Plug Hole

A blog by Maid Dani Tallulah about life in the TrannyFlat, London.

It was one of those perfect moments where my little brain suddenly sees things with absolute clarity. I was picking clumps of Mistress Scarlett’s and other random slaves hair out of the plug hole in the bath. It’s one of those necessary but vaguely unpleasant daily maiding tasks. The hair is always coated with a soapy scum and body dirt of some order and I have use my fingers to tease it out and dump it into the toilet.
Just in the middle of this delicate operation, Mistress shouted from the hallway: “I have had another one offering to be my 24/7 slave. You better WORK HARDER (always emphasised) I could replace you any time.”
I shouted back my reflex answer: “Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress”. To be honest I often say sorry on the assumption I have done something wrong even though I don’t know at that moment precisely what.
But even as I said that the tiny cogs in my head were whirring. Probably shouldn’t admit to that publicly when I was supposed to be focussed on scrubbing the bath, but Mistress expects honesty.
Anyway, I thought to myself: “Do these people really know what it means to be a 24/7 slave?”
I asked this question to myself just as I pulled a really long and now manky clump of hair out of the plug hole with some satisfaction at completing a task for Mistress. It was an appropriate symbol because that demeaning task is in someways what serving a Superior so all about. I sometimes think that people expect it to be a round the clock session with lots of strap on “rapes”, constant attention from Mistress, kinky fun and so on. Well it is certainly not that.
In fact it is about cleaning plug holes, scrubbing baths and dirty toilets, endlessly hoovering, dusting, doing the washing up and mopping floors. My main experience of dildos isn’t up my bum it is cleaning them after a slave has had one inserted in a session. It is about moving furniture around for Mistress, doing the washing up, making coffee for Her. It is about hundreds of menial tasks and doing all the necessary but utterly tedious things for Mistress.
I was reminded of the importance of this with the blog published by Mistress Scarlett recently with wise reflections from Her devoted slave V who identified two types of slave – the false slave who is essentially a client who comes along and pretends to serve but just wants to jack off and get a thrill for themselves, at the true slave who is willing to set themselves and their own desires aside for Mistress. From personal experience and numerous selfish fails I know that being the second is extremely hard and quite rare, however, to be a 24/7 slave requires that you are the second type and not a thrill seeker.
Now I am not quite a 24/7 slave, mainly because I have a complicated other life which prevents me living with Mistress. But I have served Her long enough and devoted so much of my waking time to Her over the last five years to know that I could hack it as a 24/7 slave and She has been generous enough to say She wishes I could make that final step. So I know what it takes and what it means and it is no elongated sex game.
Essentially it is this: A Mistress, a true Superior and Dominant Woman wants to spend Her valuable time doing fabulous and interesting things. She does not want it wasted with the boring, monotonous and menial every day things that have to be done. That is what She requires a true slave or submissive. It is about subjugation and servitude. You are there to do all those tedious tasks such as cleaning to free  Mistress’s time for things more suitable to Her station.
You are also there to make Her life more comfortable and generally better. It is not the other way round in any respect, although Your owner may show you care and attention at times.
An example of this was two summers ago when Mistress cleared off for the whole summer to Scotland on some amazing fabulous project with friends in Scotland. I barely heard from Her for the whole summer but nevertheless I spent weeks alone doing a deep clean and organisation of the Tranny Flat for Her return. I did it because I knew it is what She would expect and want and it would please Her. That was its own reward.
But a 24/7 or almost 24/7 slave would have to expect many long hours of working alone and being ignored by Mistress. I often wait patiently for hours to be called in to clean up after a session. There was a period where Mistress refused to allow me upstairs where She spent most of Her time during the day when not dealing with slaves.
Of course there are wonderful tasks. I am not a foot fetishist at all but I enjoy hugely giving Mistress a foot massage, something She likes. But this again is about Her comfort and happiness. She will often make me massage Her feet for hours while She is watching a film, reading a book or speaking to people on the phone. Even when my knees are crying with pain for kneeling so long and my hands have gone totally numb She will not let me stop until She is totally relaxed and satisfied.
Of course there is plenty of kink too. I whore in the Tranny Flat, I help Mistress in sessions when required, Mistress regularly beats me (I don’t see this as kink but some might), and Mistress Scarlett is a sadist and loves to force me to inflict pain on myself with things like nipple clamps. And most of all I get the chance to be dressed properly as a girl in an environment where I am accepted as one with somebody – Mistress – who actively encourages and works on my feminisation.
I also get to go on shopping trips and other treats including the odd trip to the theatre. But even then my task is less to enjoy myself and more to help Mistress, carrying Her bags etc.
And with a true Dominatrix there is a duty of care, although Mistress Scarlett is better qualified to talk about that and has touched on ot in Her recent blogs.
The point is that the kinky and fun parts of service are incidental and an aside to the true realities of being a slave or maid 24/7. It is about service to a Superior, nothing more nothing less. Knowing your place as a lesser being and serving your Betters.
Having said all this though, and remember before I met Mistress Scarlett I had those old unrealistic 24/7 fantasies, there is no deeper happiness and joy that accepting a life of true servitude and giving yourself over to the whims and needs of a Superior if you are a real submissive. I revel in all those nasty, menial and tedious tasks. I pray and hope for Mistress to give a sign of happiness with my work and feel devastated when I fail Her. She kindly awards me butterfly stickers for my maid bucket when I have done well and foot stickers (along with a painful foot caning) and poo stickers when I have failed.
The most important point is that I have enjoyed different types of relationship in my life but have found no stronger bond or more profound contentment than that between a Domme and Her submissive (ie Mistress Scarlett and me).
So when you dream of 24/7 service and rashly promise it to a Mistress you have never met, think about what it means and what you want. If your desire is to cum then forget it, if it is surrender yourself to somebody else for whatever She wants then you might be on to something. But remember most Mistresses are experienced enough not to believe such overtures from a slave until She has met them tens or hundreds of times so don’t be hasty with your offers, politely booking that first session is the only commitment at an early stage that is required.