A new blog on why maids are better than machines

A new blog by Dani Tallulah of the TrannyFlat London

Dani! WHY do I employ you?” It’s a question Mistress Scarlett Thorne asks about me almost every day…well actually every day more than once…when i have failed to meet the required standard of service yet again.

Now being an utterly fabulous Superior Dominatrix, Mistress Scarlett Thorne has standards which most mere mortals let alone servile inferior slaves (like me) can only dream of attaining, but that is no excuse for not meeting them…as i say in my daily mantra: “i must WORK HARDER and SUFFER MORE”.

But when confronted with one of my many maidfails Mistress Scarlett never considers replacing me with a machine…it’s always another sissy maid or maids from the long, long list who apply in the desperate hope of being allowed to serve such a magnificent Woman. i am always in total awe that She even allows me to crawl into Her presence, let alone takes the time to punish me, improve me…and generally torture me for Her pleasure.

So why not a machine? There are plenty of dishwashers on the market as well as robot vacuum cleaners and the rest…mechanised service is in many ways much more efficient and less hassle…and if it breaks down a burly man arrives to fix it and that can be fun…

There are though some very good reasons why a slave is MUCH better and why Mistress Scarlett persists with useless maids like me.

  1. Machines like dishwashers and robot vacuum cleaners don’t make things perfectly clean and gradually get worse while a human slave/ maid can be improved or replaced with a better, hardworking one.

  2. If Mistress beats a machine it will just break and won’t cry or suffer in front of Her face, so is a good deal less fun for Her.

  3. If Mistress beats a machine She could hurt Herself which defeats the purpose.

  4. A Mistress can scream and shout at a human slave and expect an improvement.

  5. A machine specialises in just one task while a maid MUST specialise in all tasks required by Mistress.

  6. Slaves cost a Mistress nothing and in fact should help Her with day to day expenses while a machine involves spending money.

  7. You can’t dress up a machine but a Mistress can have fun making Her slave look pretty.

  8. Lots of people have machines but a maid is a status symbol for a Mistress and a constant reminder of Her superiority through the slave’s dedication to Her.

  9. Mistress can gossip with Her maid.

  10. Maids can travel, machines generally don’t.

Of course though despite the advantages of having a lesser being totally dedicated to Her for a Mistress, a slave/ maid should NEVER forget that it is her or she who is enjoying the greatest privilege possible of being at the back and call of a Superior.

This is why not a day goes back that i thank Mistress Scarlett for owning me. Without Her my existence would have no purpose.