It is VERY important that you make a special effort in your application if you wish to have a BDSM, crossdressing, erotic tie and tease or fetish session with Me.

Making an application to serve a Mistress like Me is an act of devotion in itself and should be undertaken as such.

Whether you are hoping to serve Me for an hour or a lifetime O/our time together will be unhurried, sensual, highly charged and unique.  It is of the UTTERMOST importance that you take the time to introduce yourself properly by text message, write politely, consider your words carefully and think how the time you give your application will be reflected in O/our time together.

I am very fortunate to have a vocation, not just an occupation.  I DO NOT work in a factory and therefore DO NOT operate a conveyor belt.  I will not rush you and I only see one or maybe two lucky slutty people per day a few days per week.  A consequence of this is that you may have to wait a while for O/our first meeting or session but after W/we have met a few times with advance notice, I am THEN open to the possibility of same day appointments if I hear from you in the morning of the day you hope to meet.

Generally if you are a new slave to Me you will have to wait some time before W/we meet.  I will only meet with slaves, sissy sluts or crossdressers that I think may have similar interests to Me and with those who I am sure have read My full website AND ESPECIALLY NOTED THE POINTS ABOUT AGE, BEING A HIPSTER OR HAVING HAD YOUR SENSE OF HUMOUR REMOVED.

I am a huge believer in the crushing of young men’s egos as a central part of their character development. Sadly caning has gone out of schools,  rugby is not compulsory on the curriculum, Thatcher is dead, most parents breed willy nilly and cannot afford a decent private education for their unworthy offspring and therefore generally the character of men is no longer being built up to give them a decent grounding in what it is to be a Woman’s bitch-boy.

By the age of 35 some men understand what it is to assume the correct position and really serve a Woman, however prior to that age you must start to understand that you have most likely NOT had a real education in what it is to be a ‘man’.

If you are under 35, FEAR NOT I am happy to crush your ego! Hurrah!

(If you are over 35 be grateful you are past those revolting but formative ‘boy’ years)

If you are under 35 you are only a sissy cocksucker in My opinion (which, if you are over 35, you probably already realise is the only opinion that matters).  If you do not serve your time doing these revolting slutty acts you WILL NOT be a fully formed, Mistress-centric slave. As a lover of frills, My very deep desire is to ‘girl you up’. I am happy to FORCE you into feminisation, have you willingly submit to it or actively participate in it but however it comes about I WANT YOU TO BE MY BITCH.

The alternative to this, if you wish to serve Me in particular, is to observe but generally avoid BDSM until you are 35, wait until your balls have dropped and let Me know when you have started to grow your first braincell.  My slave ‘Nameless’ was at LEAST 36 before he started to grow a braincell but had carefully avoided contacting Me before he was 35 so was allowed to go straight into a BDSM slut position in My stable.

The majority of man-bitches and sissy crossdressing TV tarts that I get on with (and wish to spend My precious time with) are in the 55 – 75 age bracket.  I suspect this is because if the man brain starts to form at 35, by 55 you are in fact 20 years old in Mistress years.

I hope you understand My Mistress Maths…

Speak to most men over 35 and they will tell you that they were merely boys until that moment of brain growth at 35 years of age. Like your first wank or ejaculation, you will inevitably remember the moment your man brain started to form and depart from being a boy.

By 35, if serving Me for a while, you will be totally addicted to sucking cock, maiding and frills and your boyish ego will have been crushed to develop you into a man for My use and amusement.  You may decide at this point to continue being a total whore for Me or you may decide that you now want to go into trying all sorts of kinky bondage and sadomasochistic role plays.

If you are already over 35 I am so glad you have read this. You will probably be chuckling to yourself and thinking ‘Gosh, when I was a wanky over sexed lad – wish I’d met Her then so she would have crushed the ego out of Me early on…’.  Well now you ARE a man (or perhaps you need to be a girl?) and you may apply to come and be My sissy cocksucker but also have the option of applying for some fun, kink, curiosities and a whole lot of BDSM as well .

Just ensure you have grown out of those skinny jeans and that you don’t turn up having not read My website.

Spitty kisses boys, men and gurls.