London Mistress Scarlett Thorne – FAQ

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Here are some of the questions I get asked – please read through them CAREFULLY – I will not entertain slaves who ask Me something that is already answered here – this only means you have not read everything you should have done about Me…

If you have any other questions or think there should be a question added to these FAQ’s, please email mistressthorne@hotmail.com .

1. Does Mistress like her work?

Domination isn’t just work for Me. It’s what I live and breathe for. It’s what gets Me out of bed every morning and what makes Me go to bed at night with a sadistic smile on My face. I have a passion for men, I do not try to understand them, I simply do what comes naturally to Me, to make both My life and My slave’s life, more fulfilled .

2. Is Mistress a natural Redhead?

Yes I am a natural Redhead.

3. Where is Mistress based?

I am based in West Central London, just three minutes walk from a tube Station.

I am the proprietress of ‘The TrannyFlat’ which includes a fantastic and exclusive dungeon, TV boudoir and is home to the chaotic but much loved ‘TWOD’ – The Tranny Wardrobe of DOOM.

I also have an office, domestic setting, school and adult baby facilities in The TrannyFlat because here at the TF W/we know every sort of slut needs looking after 😉

4. How can I contact Mistress?

Text Me on 07910 47 66 39.  I do not accept telephone calls unless I know you or you have text in advance to arrange a call.

5. How old is Mistress?

I am in My early thirties. I have been very active within the London fetish industry since I was in My late teens.

6. How long has Mistress been Dominating men and women?

I have been a Pro – Domme since I was a teenager (one of the UK / worlds youngest at the time) so you can be assured of meeting a unique, very experienced but still youthful Mistress .

7. Will Mistress PLEASE visit Me in My Hotel or at My home?

If I know you, yes I will consider visiting you though I always prefer staying at the TrannyFlat. New sluts must attend the TrannyFlat.

8. How much does Mistress expect as a tribute for a one hour session?

My tribute is £300 for one and a half hours. I do not offer one hour sessions. If you wish to stay only for the hour, the tribute is still £300.

You may add any amount to this that you would like to as a gift or ‘tip’.

There is no rush and you will have time added to shower, chat and have a coffee or soft drink as required.

Why not also look on My PLEASE ME page or see how else you can TRIBUTE ME (click the pages). There are many additional ways to please Me, such as gifts to charities that I support, books and perfume. These are in addition to My hourly tribute. I do love money – it turns Me on – so you should shower Me with as much money and as many gifts as you possibly can if you want to win My favour…

9. I want to bring Mistress a present, what shall I bring?

Please look on My “Please Me” page for My wish list. Also look on the “Tribute Me” page for extra ideas. Oh, and the gift of your total subservience speaks volumes…

10. I think I am in love with Mistress, what shall I do?

Devote yourself to Me, absolutely and totally. Buy Me gifts, pay My bills and worship the ground I walk on. Learn to do exactly what I say, when I say and don’t telephone Me every day.

11. I have a disability / illness, will Mistress still see Me?

Yes, I am happy to see all types of people from all walks of life so long as you are genuinely devoted to Me. You MUST make Me aware of any disability / illness (even if you think it’s very minor) prior to our session.

12. What will happen in the session?

That is up to both of us. We will discuss everything before we commence. Have a look on the “Serve Me” page to see if I offer what you want and on the “Perversions Provided” page to see some of the kinks I am into.

13. I just want a quick bit of sex, is that ok?

Absolutely not. I am a Dominatrix and don’t offer a quick shag, or a long shag for that matter. Sex is not on the plan – not on the menu and won’t be on the schedule. I only shag for fun these days and usually only billionaires, rock stars or Royalty…

14. So does Mistress not like sex?

I love sex, but I’ve had plenty of sex with strangers in the past, and I no longer like to say I will guarantee sex with someone I’ve never met before.

15. Does Mistress do modelling?

No. I have better things to do with My time than pose for photos.

16. I want to own something Mistress has touched. Can I?

Maybe, for a price of course. Email Me to see what I have available – stockings, shoes, worn panties and more are always available for you to own.

17. Does Mistress Switch?

No I am only Dominant, not submissive – but I can get a naughty sub to join our session!

18. Can I have a sexy chat with Mistress on the phone?

No. Please see answer to question 15 and apply here and to you.

19. Can I come to Mistress’s home?

When you come to My dungeon you are entering one of My homes. It is not where I sleep at night, but it is where My heart lives and beats… If you mean My private residence, then if I have known you as a slave for a long time and My housemates do not mind your presence or find you too vile, I may consider letting you clean for Me. Of course you need to tribute Me considerably for this pleasure. I party like an animal so I hope washing up, chained to My kitchen sink, really is a fantasy of yours as you may find yourself there for HOURS!

20. How do You prefer to be addressed on the phone, and in session?

I doubt I will be speaking to you on the telephone however if I do then I prefer you to address Me as Mistress, Mistress Scarlett Thorne or Miss Jones if you must urgently be discreet. During the session, how you will address Me will depend on how W/we are to each O/other. To some slaves I am “Mistress”, to some patients I am “Nurse Jones” to some school boys I am “Miss Jones” and so on… For some slaves who take Me out shopping I am “Charlotte” and to some poor wretches I am “No, please, please – don’t – please, Ah! OW!…”. So, providing that you are polite, respectful and thoughtful I will accept to be called any of My names. Just don’t call Me sweetheart…

21. Would Mistress travel to visit a slave?

Probably not as you would probably just annoy Me when I arrived.  When I know you well then maybe I will consider it…

22. Do You offer overnight or extended sessions?

Absolutely for slaves and sluts that I know well! I have FANTASTIC overnight facilities available including a cage to lock you up in!

23. Do You offer photo or video services during a session?

I can take photos of you if you would like them and if you request it then I can post photos on twitter to humiliate you properly.

24. Will You accept women or couples? If so, would You be willing to share the Dominant role in a couple?

Many of My slaves, submissives and adult babies are women and I am happy to accept sessions with the fairer sex… I also accept couples, and am happy to teach, guide or share the Dominant role within our session. Please contact me for fees, as obviously additional tribute will be required…

25. How much notice should I try and give to make Mistress’s life easier?

I prefer to have at least one week’s notice to meet someone new (I rarely have availability within a week as My pets prefer to book in advance) though at least 24 hours notice for a session is required if we have not met before. I do not sit around waiting in My dungeon so a MINIMUM OF SIX HOURS NOTICE IS REQUIRED FOR APPOINTMENTS with My regular sluts, and same day appointments are usually in the evening if you text in the morning, or at night time if you text in the afternoon.

26. What should I do when I’m still thinking of You during work?

Of course  it is normal and expected that you will think constantly of our perverted times together once you have met Me. This may lead to you fiddling with your filthy parts and could even lead to Me having to put you in chastity or worse… The best cure for this type of situation is to come and visit Me immediately. However, if you can’t make it in to see Me, text Me on 07910 47 66 39 and confess your grubby thoughts.

27. You mention modelling, have You any official modelling shots for sale?

You aren’t bright are you… question 15 again…

28. Do You attend any fetish/CD/BDSM/whatever clubs, and would it be possible for a pathetic slave like me to escort and pamper You?

I attend various different clubs and nights out related to crossdressing and TV sluts. I do not play in public or for free and do not go to Fetish clubs generally. If you want to session with me you must see Me privately in My dungeon. I am not an exhibitionist and My perversions are deeply private. DO NOT APPROACH ME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES IF YOU SEE ME OUT. I only attend events with My closest slaves, TV tarts and favourite playthings and by very special arrangement.

29. Does Mistress mind if I have a beard or facial hair?

No – I don’t mind – but I DO think sissy sluts should have clean shaven faces if their personal circumstances allow.  I like beards and goaties generally on REAL men, but let’s be honest, sissy sluts like you ought to be able to wear all the tarty makeup Mistress decides to put on their face. Obviously if I put makeup on you it would be water based and completely removed at the end of a session.

30. Do you ever go to dinner or for drinks with slaves? If so what do you like to drink or eat?

Yes I do go for drinks with slaves I know very very well however I DO NOT EAT OUT.

31. Do you do outdoors sessions or public humiliation sessions?

Yes! I do and I REALLY enjoy them – W/we can go shopping, to a bar, to a restaurant or just walk along the street – HOW EMBARRASSING FOR YOU!!!

32. Can Mistress attend another type of event with me like tennis, polo or the grand prix?

Yes – I am happy to attend such events and can be very discreet. I expect to be taken shopping or given money to buy new clothes for such events in addition to receiving VIP treatment including a chauffer driven car and luxury hotel suite of My own whilst away. Contact Me to discuss the tribute rates for such a meeting.

33. What should I do to prepare for My session with You, Mistress?

I expect and require you to be SPOTLESSLY clean. That means shower or bathe for a considerable time scrubbing every area with pleasant smelling soap. I DO NOT want you to wear any balms / aftershaves / perfumes etc as I have VERY sensitive porcelain white skin and DO NOT want to be irritated anymore that you will irritate Me already!

I expect you to wear clean clothes, clean underwear and unscented deodorant. I expect you to have brushed your teeth and used mouthwash at the minimum. If you are having strap on, dildos or stretching during your session with Me – you will be expected to have an enema to get you clean or to anal douche yourself on arrival. Do not eat anything like fish or curry for at least a day before as this STINKS though I like the smell of onions, garlic and fruit etc as it comes through the skin. If you smoke, do NOT smoke directly before seeing Me, I do not like the smell. If I do not believe you are clean I will ask that you shower and clean before O/our session and if you persist in bad hygiene habits you will be asked to leave or not permitted to visit again.

34. What is Your Alcohol and Drug use policy Mistress?

If I suspect that you have had more than one drink or have used ANY illegal substance whatsoever you will be asked to leave immediately without any refund given. I do not partake in these vile practices and do not expect you to whilst in My presence. If W/we are going out for drinks or to an event then of course, you will be permitted a drink if you would like one, but whilst in session I cannot allow alcohol or drug abuse as this would be irresponsible and unsafe. I should be your drug – nothing else.

35. What colour are Mistress’s eyes?

I have stunning green eyes that will hold your stare and haunt your soul for evermore…

36. Can Mistress do a makeover if I wish to be transformed?

Yes! Dressing little tarts up is one of My favourite activities! I am very experienced and very well equipped for transformation services. I am able to provide everything from makeup, hair and clothing as well as shoes and sexy boots!

37. What clothes and facilities does Mistress have for crossdressing and feminisation?

I have a very large collection of clothes, underwear, corsets, rubber, pvc and much much more besides for you wear! Everything is clean and freshly laundered and there are plenty of pairs of boots and shoes in all different sizes! I own a large collection of wigs and hair pieces in all different colours, lengths and styles. There is lots of make-up and plenty of mirrors as well as nail varnish, and all of the facilities to take everything off PROPERLY afterwards! Feminisation sessions can be FORCED FEMINISATION or assisted (WILLING) or a combination. No matter how you are dressed – you will be taught to walk in high heels!

38. Would Mistress still dress me as a transvestite if I have body hair?

Yes of course – though if for any reason you want your hair removed (shaved or waxed) this can be arranged and even incorporated as part of O/our meeting!

39. Does Mistress have rubber for me to be encased and wrapped up in?

Yes, I have a large and extensive rubber collection including an inflatable rubber ball, rubber bags, body suits, jackets, clothes, gloves, stockings, shorts, hoods, masks and much more besides. Overall there are about 1000 pieces of rubber in My collection.

40. Does Mistress have a suspension and how tall is it?

I do have two way and four way suspension though if you are exceptionally tall please ensure you mention this before W/we meet!

41. How are instruments like sounds, butt plugs and strap-ons cleaned? Is it hygienic?

All items like strap-ons and butt plugs are covered with extra double thick condoms whilst in use and then are sterilised after use. Items like sounds are sterilised to hospital standards and of course gloves, cleansing fluids and antiseptic creams, sprays and lotions are always available and used. Hygiene is of paramount importance and all equipment is cleaned most thoroughly. Please also refer to question 33 for notes about client cleanliness.

42. Are there shower facilities for me to use at your premises Mistress?

Shower facilities are of course available for you to utilize before and after your session if you so choose. Time for showering is of course in addition to your session time and clean towels, soaps, mouthwashes and toothbrushes are always available. There is no rush or hurry for your shower and as stated previously your session time begins after consultation and your shower so that you have plenty of opportunity to be spotlessly clean for your Mistress! Also note questions 33 and 41.

If you have any other questions or think there should be a question added to these FAQ’s, please email mistressthorne@hotmail.com


London Mistress Scarlett Thorne