A blog for the Welsh national day

by Dani Tallulah


St David’s Day is very important in the Tranny Flat. Why? Because it is the Welsh national day and therefore the day to celebrate all things Welsh including the most fabulous Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

But the reason for this blog is that this important day also raises an important question, which is one of identity for slaves in terms of nationality and so forth. Does our service to a Mistress and Her ownership of us make a difference? The answer is “yes!”
Fortunately the Roman’s set down the rules on this which still work for human property in this day and age. Once your freedom has been removed or given away to a Superior and you become their possession then your identity is tied to Them.
This means i – as the property of Scarlett Thorne – am sub-Welsh. i don’t have full Welsh citizenship because i am only Welsh by dint of Her ownership, however, i have no other national identity. So when England play Wales at rugby (aka Mistress porn) then i have to support Wales, there’s no choice.
The same is true for all Mistress Scarlett’s slaves. i know one of Her favourites in the past, who enjoyed his rugby, struggled with this concept but had to submit to Her will on the matter.
It is also worth remembering that for those who serve Her Wales is the country but it is also wherever Mistress Scarlett happens to be. Greater Wales is Her domain, it is everywhere, it  is where we all exist to serve Her.
Anyway with that brief thought. Happy St David’s Day…wear a daffodil to look pretty and do naughty things with a leek xxx