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Join Me in My perverse and fabulous world for exclusive fun, frolics and filth…

Text / SMS : 07910 47 66 39

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Would you like to serve London’s most exclusive redhead? Do you crave the expert company of a truly erotic, naughty, kinky and vibrant  Mistress?

 I am accepting applications from new slaves and sissy crossdressers to visit Me in My private exclusive chambers in London, UK.

Below you will find details of serving Me in London, Edinburgh and the Highlands.  Please read and scroll through the whole page to see how is best for you to serve Me.

My usual base is in London at My own private Dungeon Suite and Crossdressing Rooms.  I am ONLY available to meet if arranged by prior appointment. I session no more than once or twice per day (and not every day) from Monday –  Friday and occasionally on weekends. You may text Me from 9am – 8pm but sessions are never held in the morning as pre midday does not exist in Scarlett time. I am lucky enough not to work in factory and My life and your sessions are NOT on a conveyor belt…

The cruelty I can so easily inflict is only ever out of kindness and a true sense of responsibility for both My own and other people’s happiness. I know that regardless of what anyone thinks about My vocation, I have a passion beyond reason for what I do. Through this kinky, crazy, lifestyle and work of Mine, I gladly have the opportunity to improve U/us both.


I am highly skilled and very experienced in all aspects of Domination, Humiliation, Correction, Fetish, Fantasy and Roleplay. Ensure you navigate this site fully and read My blogs, FAQ’s and look at My twitter before getting in touch.

I am a top London Mistress and I ONLY see a handful of select playthings, so please know that your time is unique in My world, as Mine should be in yours.  I am VERY particular about who I spend My time with.  I much prefer the company of mature gentlemen, retired workers, senior fetishists and crossdressers of all descriptions. I do not appreciate the wild and bullish nature of very young men unless they are VERY focused on being transformed into sissies. 

I do not see playthings under the age of 35 unless you require sissy training as I believe all men under the age of 35 are sissy boys in training.


The best way to serve Me and gain an appointment with Me is to do the following:

  1. READ, STUDY, CONSIDER : Read through My website and gain a real understanding of the perversions I cater for. These include tie and tease, BDSM, Bondage, spanking, teasing, crossdressing and SISSY fantasies, corporal punishment, Mistress worship, latex, roleplay and much much more besides…

  2. CONTACT : Send a polite text message introducing yourself.  INCLUDE YOUR NAME, AGE, ETHNICITY, NATIONALITY, JOB TYPE AND EDUCATION LEVEL.   I would appreciate BASIC information about your likes and dislikes and when you were hoping for an appointment. I do NOT want a copy of War and Peace in text form, please keep your fetish list brief for now. Include times NOT suitable for Me to reply.  I do not answer telephone calls unless you have introduced yourself by text first.   SEE THE CONTACT PAGE FOR DETAILS.

  3. PATIENTLY WAIT : Be patient. I am very busy being an academic and a Pervert (yes, with a capital ‘P’). If you do not hear back within 24 hours you may try to send another text.

  4. OBEY : IF you are offered an appointment you will be expected to confirm on the Monday of the week W/we are meeting, the day before, the morning of and an hour before your appointment.  DO NOT ASK for the address. I will give you strict instructions and directions and you must follow these in order to meet Me.

Both My chambers and My crossdressing rooms affectionately known as ‘The TrannyFlat’ have 24 hour remote external CCTV for your security and Mine.  Please respect My discretion by never revealing the location at which I meet with you.  I can assure you of total discretion when visiting My premises.  I have an excellent reputation and you can trust O/our liaisons will remain discreet.

I offer sessions from the sensual to the extreme. 

LOCATIONS AND TIMING – London, Scotland and Countryside adventures.

For London adventures an hour and a half (90 minutes) is My preferred session length in My fantastic BDSM dungeon and the crossdressing slut paradise ‘The TrannyFlat’. I will consider longer sessions ONCE I have met you however generally I am really NOT a fan of much longer sessions up to 2 hours is quite enough!  I put a HUGE amount of energy into My meetings in My dungeon so longer than 2 hours is exhausting for both parties. The minimum tribute is £300 (for one and a half hours) as described on My ‘tribute’ page.

In Edinburgh I would prefer you to book a double session with My friend Mistress Inka and I.  I will consider one to one sessions but prefer doubles with Her when I get the opportunity.  I may request a deposit so please ONLY get in touch if you are happy to consider paying this. My minimum tribute in Edinburgh is also £300, though special arrangements may be made for double sessions.

For the Highlands of Scotland I require you to be free for My amusement and companionship for the duration of My visit to you from when I arrive in the Highlands to when I leave.  This is more of an erotic companionship booking and not purely session based as visiting the Highlands involves a significant portion of My time.  I would prefer to spend at least a day with you (including an overnight in My own room) and will include session time, kinky time, meals and ideally you should consider including a shooting, fishing, walking, golfing, spa or sightseeing trip for My amusement.  You should also be willing to go and sit in a corner or leave Me to My own devices should I require this.  I will require My train fare to and from Edinburgh (or London if it is outside the times I am visiting Scotland), overnight accommodation ( My own room) and for you to provide all meals and travel etc whilst I am visiting.  The minimum tribute will be £700 plus train or air fare which will include Me travelling to you, two to three unhurried hours of kinky play divided over one or two sessions if required (I will bring a large suitcase of fun toys to your preference) and My companionship and company for the duration of the visit. Please only request this type of booking if you are aged over 45, educated, enjoy countryside pursuits or farming, consider yourself polite and interesting company and live or have premises in the Highlands of Scotland.  I will request a deposit and potentially identification for security purposes. 

I am always open to new ideas and suggestions, and the list on the Perversions Provided page is only a very small proportion of what I do.  I am highly experienced in all aspects of Feminisation, Fetishism, Fantasy, Domination and getting naughty little sluts like you, to become the best you can be!

If you have questions please first check My extensive FAQ page, and if your questions are not answered there you may contact Me respectfully. Expect your ideas and concepts to be challenged. If there is something you don’t want to do, I won’t make you do it. That is why I work with safety words. I will however always stretch your limits within the realms of both of O/our fantasies and always aim to have naughty, sensuous, kinky and perverse fun…

DO NOT ask Me twice for something I won’t provide.

You will be making a tribute towards the costs of My lifestyle. You will not be paying for sex. Please go to the My Rates page to see the details of financial tributes required to serve Me and also go to My Wishlist to see what additional gifts you may be able to bring to really please Me even more. 

Financial and Long distance servitude

If you wish to be a financial slave you will need to send Me a £100 Amazon UK gift voucher to and TEXT / SMS Me that you have done so. I will NOT engage in any form of discussion with you regarding financial servitude until you have done this and smaller vouchers will be ignored.  This is to prove to Me that you are serious.  You can purchase amazon gift vouchers online or in many supermarkets. The same applies to long distance slaves.


If you wish to send Me a gift or buy a present to bring to your session in addition to your tribute please visit My WISHLIST by clicking HERE  or go to My online Amazon wishlist by visiting the link below:

I look forward to receiving your pathetic / silly / perverse application to serve Me …