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London Mistress Scarlett Thorne – My Rates

Join Me in My perverse and fabulous world for exclusive fun, frolics and filth…

Let Me take you over…..

Text / SMS : 07910 47 66 39

The minimum time together that I offer is one and a half hours of unhurried kinky fun.  This is to keep sessions thoughtful, personal and of course, to keep My location discreet. I usually only see one person per day, so please ensure you follow all of the confirmation procedures listed on My site, considerable advance booking is often required.

The financial tribute requirement for a session of one and a half hours is £300. Longer sessions can be requested once I have gotten to know you.

Please read more below to find out further details.

For existing, long term slaves I believe in My TRINITY OF TRIBUTE – please read more about this HERE




If you believe you are truly exceptional and that W/we would get on exceptionally well then you may politely apply to serve Me as your exclusive London Mistress and sole Dominatrix. Only the most dedicated slaves will be permitted to spend time with Me.

I suggest that if you have had your sense of humour, intellect or manners surgically removed then you do not bother to apply…

Tranny sluts may openly apply to be My playthings, as rather like shoes and handbags, I believe Y/you can never have too many T-girl sluts to abuse.  All gurls need a place to call ‘HOME’ and to many tranny sluts and crossdressing bimbos, that home is the TrannyFlat. I am a specialist in all things tranny-tastic – from tranny whores to silly frilly sissy girls. T-girls of every inclination should get in touch… My regularly attending gurls can keep their things here at no extra cost if needed – though of course there is a limit to space!

To spend an unhurried hour and a half being transformed, abused or Dominated by Me is £300 in West London. Other locations vary depending on My costs and availability. I suggest that for a first session one and a half hours is plenty of time to see if W/we get along – I do not need to rush as My time and premises are My own.

I DO NOT LIKE DISCUSSING MONEY OR TRIBUTE DETAILS.  It is crass and distasteful SO I expect your tribute to be in an envelope and left on the sideboard or handed to Me in the main room when you enter the TrannyFlat.  I EXPECT YOU TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS REQUEST in your initial texts to Me and confirm that you ‘understand the tribute requirements’.

Once W/we know each other, how long W/we should spend together depends entirely on the roleplay, fantasy or fetish involved.  Longer sessions are subject to pre-agreed tribute arrangements. Time is O/our most valuable commodity and W/we must choose to spend it very wisely.

I am not like other Mistresses with timing or bringing other slaves in immediately after your session ends. I like to have fun with you and let time take its own course… I will not time our session to the minute or expect you to hurry away when W/we have finished.

I do not rush and I like to have a detailed chat before hand, and for you to have time for a shower and tea / coffee afterwards.

Whole day appointments, extended sessions and over night stays are available to regular slaves only.  I am very fair with time and therefore I don’t expect you to try to push for time you have not tributed Me for, or to try to take advantage of My generosity. You will be making a tribute towards the costs of My lifestyle. You will not be paying for sex as sex for money is not something I offer.

For your guidance and clarity I make the following tribute requests for sessions:

1.5 hours – £300

2 hours – £400

3 hours – £600

Day of maiding (12 midday – 5pm or other five hour block to suit) – £500 plus £50 amazon voucher to secure your booking (includes makeover, 1 hour session time, 1 hour Mistress massage (foot massage under direction), chores under direction, caging, lunch / dinner in the cage, other specifics by request).

Other session lengths and styles available by discussion. 

Regular agreements for maiding available.

I am always looking for generous slaves who will directly fund My ongoing research based studies.  Please do discuss this with Me if you feel you may like to contribute to the costs that My academic pursuits or the related costs thereof.

I am available only by appointment. If what you are looking for is a prostitute, look elsewhere. I absolutely believe there is nothing wrong with prostitution, but Domination is not prostitution. And Domination is what I do best.

I look forward to receiving your pathetic / silly / perverse application …

London Mistress Scarlett Thorne