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London Mistress Scarlett Thorne – Double Trouble

 How much can you REALLY handle…????

Text / SMS : 07910 47 66 39


Why not indulge with a double session so you can really be taught a lesson you will not forget… The ultimate in luxury and indulgence is to be dominated, molested or abused by not only Me, but also by My friends…

Perhaps serving two London Mistresses isn’t enough – could you handle a multi-Domme gangbang, being cuckolded or perhaps you need to be forced to suck off a sexy TS to show your devotion to Me?

The people listed below are My friends, not just ‘colleagues’. We are NOT into just beating boys up for money. These are My genuine friends who I love spending time with even when I’m not in the dungeon. Because of this I expect only slaves who have served Me previously or whom are willing to pay a deposit of 50% to apply for double sessions. I will not have My friends messed around by silly little time wasters.

My friends have totally different limits and provide very different styles of play to Me, but because of this your overall experience will be entirely enhanced and between us We are able to indulge your every fantasy…  Read on below to find out how Our limits are enhanced and possibilities opened up when there are two or more of Us abusing and using you…

Text 07910 47 66 39 and Let Me take you over, with a little help from My friends…


DOUBLE SESSIONS in London with stunning Brunette Mistress Elizabeth Swan or HOT Latino TS Loreen!

Doubles occasionally in Edinburgh / London with Mistress Inka !


ALSO : Double Sessions with TV switch Miss Dani Tallulah

Naughty TV escort and Dominatrix Miss Dani Tallulah… She is the debauched T-gurl of your dreams…  Her style of Domination is totally different from My own and she really loves all aspects of what she does! Dani is also able to ‘switch’ in sessions and loves getting up to all sorts of VERY bad behaviour!

Sessions are available by appointment. Call Me on 07910476639 or email for more information…

Dani’s website is

Double sessions with My Dominatrix Friend Elizabeth Swan

Available to join sessions as a Dominatrix and Kinky Fetish Mistress, Elizabeth Swan is an established, experienced English Brunette Domme who is a very close personal friend of Mine. Elizabeth Swan is a talented Mistress, a well educated Lady and a wild and uninhibited Fetish Friend who will happily join O/our sessions. Sessions with Mistress Elizabeth Swan are usually available on a Monday with advance notice.

Double sessions with My vanilla friend Ms Isabella

Available to join sessions as either a vanilla onlooker or as an assistant Dominatrix, Isabella is aged 28, English, well educated and great fun. She LOVES to join our sessions. She is a long term friend of Mine and is petite, blonde, sexy and happy to join in with some elements of Domination and humiliation roleplay. 

Double sessions with My kinky friend Mistress Inka (Scotland and London)

My dear friend and wild kinky companion Mistress Inka, will go to the extremes of Domination and Fetish Fun with you and I. Double sessions are available in Scotland and London with advance booking subject to touring dates. 

Double Sessions with Mistress Eve

Mistress Eve’s style of Domination is totally different from My own but We make quite a team and have sessioned together for many years. Mistress Eve is a Fetish Model and experienced Deviant Dominatrix who is happy to do double sessions with Me. Advance notice is required for booking in London.


Text Me on 07910476639 for more information.


Other Mistresses that I have had really amazing sessions with and would highly recommend are:

Mistress R’eal (Wales)

Mistress Jenna (Chester and North Wales)



London Mistress Scarlett Thorne