My Wishlist

London Mistress Scarlett Thorne – My Wishlist

Send Me an instant evoucher (NOT .com) by searching ‘gift card’ on and sending it to

For existing, long term slaves I believe in a TRINITY OF TRIBUTE – please read more about this HERE


Aside from your tributes and financial contributions towards My lifestyle and education, I provide you a list below of gift ideas for all budgets.  Attempt to show just a little slave / slut wisdom and DO NOT deviate from the path I outline for suggested gifts – I find waste intolerable and surprises rarely pleasant.

In addition to the items outlined below I have recently created an Amazon wishlist (CLICK HERE) which has many general items of varying prices which you can purchase for Me online and have delivered directly to Me. It also includes gift vouchers that will be directly delivered to Me so that I can buy both treats and essentials!  If you do this please ensure you text or email so I can thank you personally!

Want to send Me an INSTANT gift to show Me how much you appreciate Me? Here’s how:

Send Me an instant evoucher (NOT .com) by searching ‘gift card’ on and sending it to

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Don’t forget to check the Tribute Me page for additional ways to win My favour.

If you want to get Me a gift to give Me personally, then the list below should help you pick the right thing. I would of course MUCH prefer you put money towards an additional cash tribute that can pay the TF rent or an Amazon voucher that I can order useful items with, than you buy Me endless rubber or dildos, however all gifts are always appreciated…  I most appreciate Amazon vouchers and cash gifts when you attend, so please do consider these as the things I would like the most!

Please keep Me the receipt of any gift you bring to Me that is not on My list – if I don’t like it, I may need to change it!

Thank you. 


Education, education, education…

I study on short courses, long courses and am now undertaking higher level research and would appreciate a generous slave to pay module fees for taught elements at two universities in London.  My PhD will hopefully be funded however finances towards research or academic modules would be greatly appreciated as these enhance My subject understanding. Please speak to Me directly about funding this as a gift.

I also love going on short courses – My interest areas for short courses include art, history, farming, horse care and of course BDSM! I would be happy to receive vouchers for study or for you to pay directly for courses!

Property in Wales

Large detatched property in My homeland, preferably a smallholding with space for My horses, pet sheep and chickens.

Property within Central London

Apartments within the West End (W1, W2 etc) are of particular interest to Me.

A Yacht

Named Scarlett.

Harley 883 Sportster with secure parking

I had to sell mine due to a lack of space and time.

Jewellery – white gold, silver, diamonds

Necklaces, earrings or bracelets are preferred, though to be honest I would prefer cash to pay the rent as diamonds are only a Girl’s best friend if She has a roof over her head.

Fetish Equipment, Dungeon equipment and Dungeon furniture

The slaves that are held in My highest regard are those that consider Me constantly. I will always prefer a cash gift or Amazon voucher however to purchase for Me a piece of Dungeon equipment, is a deeply thoughtful and highly treasured gift but please TALK to Me at O/our session before purchasing anything as the Dungeon is bursting at the seams!

Clothes, Rubberwear and Corsets

Rubber wear, PVC clothing, kinky clothes, corsets and beautiful dresses are all acceptable though if you really appreciate Me then please get Me gift vouchers for the following shops for My day to day clothes as hiking in the Highlands and having a fabulous life means I need more than just latex to wear! 

Barbour – size 10 jackets / 8 dresses

Marks and Spencer –  size 6 or 8 clothing

Clarks / Jones the Bootmaker – shoe size 6.5

Karen Millen – size 8 – 10.

As different shops have different sizes, please keep the receipt in case something doesn’t fit!

I know all of the best fetish shops and even have a bespoke rubber tailoring service available…


Alien by Thierry Mugler.

Stockings and Hold ups

I love seamed stockings or smooth hold ups, they make My legs even more smooth and sexy feeling for you to worship… I suggest you always bring two pairs for O/our sessions together so W/we can both wear them!  Buy the medium to large size as these have a better length. Available at Boots, Ann Summers or department stores.

Holidays, Sporting and Spa Days

I actually like staying in the UK and don’t especially find going abroad exciting, so no holidays abroad or holiday offers unless you are happy for Me to go without you!

I love the Highlands so hotel vouchers for UK stays are appreciated.

Spa days in the UK are also appreciated as are sporting days such as clay shooting, falconry or off roading.

Art and Antiques

I enjoy going to antique fairs and especially enjoy 17th Centuary chairs and furniture. I like antique silver, watches and watercolour landscapes.

Theatre / Ballet / West End / Opera

I am a huge theatre fan, and love going to the theatre – if you feel that you can be well behaved enough I may even let you take Me.  If not then you can always purchase tickets – but contact Me so I can let you know which shows and which days I would like to go.

Shopping cards and vouchers

Always feel you can shower Me with vouchers and money.  I like to shop so if you have a store card for a major department store you may be able to spend the day shopping with Me – at your expense of course!

Champagne and Alcoholic Beverages

I am very particular when selecting anything that I eat or drink.  I collect very nice Vodka though do not drink it  – plain, no flavours and with beautiful bottles that will keep or that I can give to My slutty girls on fun nights.  DO NOT buy Me wines, other spirits or anything else without asking Me in advance, as I may only empty it over your head…


I would like another horse however I require that you save your pennies and buy Me a property suitable to keep it in My homeland. I may consider you being My pet however this DOES NOT count as a gift from My wishlist. I like dogs, small and rare breed sheep and miniature Aberdeen Angus cattle. I am not a cat person so leave your kittens, cat videos and hissing at home. 


I do not read fiction – I live in a world of fantasy that is a living reality so I much prefer factual books on sex, BDSM history, courtesans through the ages, Welsh and British history, theology,  Rome, The Vatican, museums, horse or dog care and the theatrical arts.

Magazine and Journal Subscriptions

I would welcome annual subscriptions to magazines and journals delivered directly to the TrannyFlat under My name, Charlotte Jones. My subject areas of interests are listed under ‘books’. I would like a new subscription to Country Life and would be happy with similar themed subscriptions. 

Favourite Colours

Black and Purple. NOT PINK – that is for My sissy girls.

Favourite Music

Classical.  I like going to classical concerts so you can buy Me tickets on the same basis as theatre tickets mentioned above.


Don’t buy Me flowers. Ever. They die.

You can buy Me small hardy potted plants or herbs if you would like however I cannot guarantee their longevity under My care.  I do not have green fingers. 

Favourite food

I am vegetarian and very particular about what I eat. Do NOT buy Me food.  I DO NOT EAT OUT.  Ever.  So please do not ask Me to go to actually eat at dinner with you.  I find eating out wasteful, dull and over indulgent.

I would be happy to receive food shopping vouchers from you so I can order food shopping.  Even Mistresses need to eat!


Favourite gift

Your total and absolute submission.

Oh – and extra money… I like that the very best of all…