My TV maid Miss Dani Tallulah is always up to mischief.  She is such a slutty sissy bitch and she just loves joining in on kinky, sexy BDSM sessions in London.  Of course Dani is always gagging for it being such a slut and every now and again Dani gets her wish…

Here is a little diary piece Dani wrote about what kinky sexy fun she gets up to around Me…

(We’ve changed the name of O/our playmate to keep her identity discreet)

“OMG! Last week i had the fucking of my life! Which is saying A LOT!

i still have the bruises on my bum cheeks as a badge of honour for the pounding i was given. i would say i had my brains banged out, except as Mistress Scarlett Thorne says: “you can’t lose what you never had! Stupid bitch!”

For the sake of confidentiality i can’t give the name of the naughty slave who had his way with me over and over and over again but i’ll call the sissy slut/ man switch Paula here.

As those of you who actually read Mistress Scarlett’s availability blogs know, i am now regularly available to do with doubles with Her as Her naughty assistant on most Fridays or other days by arrangement.

Well, Paula, who is one of Mistress’ favourite sluts wanted to be the first to party with U/us both in 2018 and she arrived as horny as Hell ready to have the filthiest girly session possible.

It started so sexily with Mistress burying Paula’s face in Her magnificent boobs and then Paula started snogging me with her tongue investigating the inside of my mouth and tickling my throat.

It didn’t take long for me to seek out Paula’s cock and start sucking and licking it, kissing her balls.

This is a bit boastful of me but i am REALLY GOOD at giving head maybe because i love it so much, feeling a cock in my mouth, tickling my throat, getting rock hard and hearing the heavy breathing above me as Paula’s hand held my pretty face to her throbbing crotch.

It wasn’t long before Mistress Scarlett dragged me away and gave me a beating for letting my make up get messy.

She then started using Paula as her toy and began to fist Paula’s sissy pussy.

“Start sucking bitch!” She shouted at me. And i put my moist little lips back were they belonged around Paula’s excited member while Mistress pumped with Her fist.

The more i sucked and licked the more excited Paula became. She started pumping my mouth rhythmically as she was abused at the same time by Mistress.

Paula whispered in my ear: “The more you suck it, the more it’s going to have to fuck you. Do you want that slut?”

i just moaned happily as my lips went up and down her shaft.

Paula then appealed to Mistress.

“I want to fuck the little slut please. She’s got such a nice little bottom.”

i think Mistress smiled and she said “yes fuck her. Let’s have some sissy lesbian fun. You’ve been a good slut so you deserve a reward.”

She ordered me on to all fours on the bed.

“Spread your legs dani!” Mistress demanded. “Let Paula see that nice little tight hole.”

Well i should say my hole is really tight. i mean i have had cock, strap-ons, dildos and various things thrust up there but i like to keep it tight, i even do exercises to keep it nice and small.

Why? Well every man or sissy slut likes to fuck a virgin. They love to pop that cherry or at least feel like they are doing it. So i want every one who has me to feel they are ploughing a new furrow something nice and fresh. Also tight holes excite men and sissy sluts so much more.

It doesn’t matter that every time time it gives me screaming pain as i am broken in afresh, i just feel so happy to know i am giving maximum pleasure. After all that is why people like my flesh to use.

“Oh she is tight” cooed Paula she started to prod at me with her long hard tool. “Hmmmm”.

She prodded more and then as my hand guided her cock she pushed it in. Pop!

“Yes!” she yelled.

“Fuck me! Please!” i cried.

Paula needed no second invitation. She started just pounding my prone body. Up and down. Battering my arse in a frenzy. My little clit went hard with the excitement and began to leak.

Mistress Scarlett though has a wicked sense of humour. She quietly put on a strap-on and quietly came behind Paula and started fucking her already wide open man pussy.

“What a slutty sandwich!” She laughed.

i was lying at the bottom of a carnal heap of thrusting bodies feeling like i was being split open but screaming with pleasure.

Then Paula pulled out and pulled me over to a special fuck bench, which i was tied to legs apart again, bottom hole waiting to be filled.

“What do you want?” Paula drooled in my ear.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” i whimpered.

Then Paula slid in again. Her cock is a miracle of nature even when she cums it stays hard and she can do it time and again.

“This is what you exist for,” she said to me.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” i screamed over and again.

And Paula had her way with me over and over and over again.

i was drilled, pounded, skewered, banged, rogered, fucked, buggered, bonked, porked, pummeled, boned, shagged, shanked, screwed, humped, ploughed, knocked up, stiffed, hammered, rutted, rammed and generally shagged. My eyes rolled back as my body relaxed into being just a lump of fuck meat.

“This is what you exist for,” paula drooled in my ear.

“Yes…yes! fuck me harder! please!”

After the fourth time they released me tottering to get my strength back and i collapsed hugging paula’s legs kissing her knees. How Mistress Scarlett laughed and applauded.

“Thank you,” i cried.

Mistress wasn’t finished yet though. I was back sucking Paula’s cock while Mistress ploughed her arse with the biggest black dildo you have ever seen. Paula really can take it as well as give it!

i am sad when all sessions are over, but particularly after this one. I think Paul understood that and she was sad too.

“i just want to fuck her one more time,” she appealed to Mistress.

“Oh go on then!” Mistress replied and i was given another good rogering to send me on my way.

Of course this is just a taster of an amazing two hour session Mistress Scarlett and i provided for a regular slave. I think and hope Paula will be back soon.

If you want to experience this or something similar you should get in touch with Mistress Scarlett Thorne about double sessions with Her and me (dani) and maybe my mouth can entertain your cock or you can break me in all over again while Mistress orchestrates an amazing time of naughtiness and filth.

Hmmmm my little clit is going hard just at the thought of it xxx “