Here’s Dani’s latest blog – this time it’s all about BDSM and the world cup…!

“It’s the World Cup which means that the sight of a leather clad foot skilfully connecting with a ball accompanied shouts and screams is a regular occurance in the Tranny Flat….that of course is what Mistress Scarlett Thorne does to stupid sissies that start behaving like men and watch football.

The only balls which are going to be kicked…repeatedly and hard, VERY HARD…are the ones between a sissy legs. It’s not like they are of any use. Football is BANNED. Totally, completely even when Mistress Scarlett’s slaves are not in Her presence.

There is nothing that annoys Mistress more than sissies beginning to think like men. Football is bad enough in itself but it leads to other transgressions, like awful fashion (football shirts), lager, guttural and tuneless singing and….worst of all….distraction from their sole purpose of serving Mistress Scarlet Herself.

That is not to say that the World Cup and football isn’t useful…a lot of its words and phrases act as useful guides in the Tranny Flat.

So every time Mistress hears the word “soccer” She hits me…on the basis that She understands “sock her”.

The ball in the goal mouth is obviously about skilful BJs…every sissy should learn to suck on balls.

“Over the moon” often describes Mistress Scarlet’s hand hovering over a slave’s bum moments before delivering a thrashing.

When people go on about a “lovely cross” it’s a reminder that all gurls should wear nice jewellery to look properly fem.

And there has been much discussion of Kane…Mistress Scarlet assumes that is just poor spelling…swish! swish!

It has to be said that when players talk about giving “110 per cent” Mistress Scarlett Thorne thinks they’re lazy…She expects nothing less than 200 per cent from Her maids and even that’s not enough.

Then there’s the issue of a “through ball”…i don’t think i need to describe what this means when Mistress Scarlett has a needle.

Of course “playing in the box” must be a reference to chastity.

Then “making a pass” is what sissy tarts need to do when they whore themselves out to clients for Mistress Scarlett.

“Use the head” is also clearly an invitation for a sissy to open her mouth and guide a man’s member into it.

But there are things which should not be considered…when players are “head over heals” they obviously don’t appreciate shoes enough!

Anyway, it’s time to switch your TVs off and switch your inner TV on and come and have some real filthy fun serving London Mistress Scarlett Thorne in the Tranny Flat.

In this place it’s always a case of “She shoots, you scream!”