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The Power of Mercy

When we think about BDSM we mostly envisage well-equipped dungeons, bondage, torture, sexual abuse with strap-ons and of course beatings with a whole range of implements. It is all about the Superior (usually a rubber clad Dominatrix) inflicting humiliation and pain on a pathetic slave. Somehow mercy doesn’t feature, in fact just the opposite.


However, serving the fabulous London Mistress Scarlett Thorne as Her maid, PA, whore and various other roles has taught me that sometimes the ability to wield true power over somebody can take some surprising forms. And it is not a sign of Mistress going soft.


As anybody who has had the honour of meeting Mistress knows, She is not play-acting. Scarlett Thorne is a proper lifestyle Domme who knows Her absolute superiority over others and is at heart a cruel sadist who laughs with pleasure as She inflicts pain on Her slaves. I don’t want to recount the tale, but i know from a graphic account of one mutilation of a slave (who begged Her for it) that She has no qualms about getting really hardcore on those who deserve it.


There are many times when i am serving Her that Mistress randomly starts hitting me or beating me. She loves to force me to put on hard nipple clamps or hurt myself in some way or other. She knows that if She orders it then i am duty bound to obey. The point is that Mistress Scarlett knows She wields total power over me and Her slaves and it is from this that i have learnt about its subtler forms.


There are many occasions when Mistress threatens to inflict some serious physical punishment on me. She says:


“I am going to beat you to a pulp, dani.”


“I am going to gag you and thrash you.”


“I am going to beat you until you cry.”


“I am going to beat you so you can’t stand up.”


She always says these things in a calm but firm voice and i know She means to do it and is capable of doing it, but so far i have been spared the sort of beat that leaves me almost or actually crippled.


Instead Mistress has shown mercy. Why i am not sure but it seems enough for Her to see the terror in my eyes and then make me crawl on the floor, kiss Her feet and plead. i will often still be punished or hurt but i always feel that it is a true exercise of Her absolute power and reminder that i am Her property.

Many people don’t appreciate that Mistress is a deep thinker who reads a lot and i think She was inspired by the current Pope’s Year of Mercy. She understands the religious nature of a true slave serving a Superior Mistress, it is no accident that many Dommes are referred to as Goddesses, and can demonstrate that power is to not inflict pain but to hold back. Mercy is a sign of control because only those like Mistress Scarlett Thorne who have the power can show it