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A wonderful blog by Miss Dani Tallulah on the Lexicon of a sub.  Enjoy.

“i love words, not as much as i love Mistress Scarlett Thorne, but, like Her, i love their power and beauty. Words are the spark of creation, they are our oldest and best tools to create new realities.

i am sorry to get a bit religious but just look at the opening of the Gospel of John (probably Joanna but heyho) “In the beginning was the Word….and the Word was made flesh”. Language is divine and the means of creation.

The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge thought that literature was human beings doing God’s work of creation while the Americans have a fantastic phrase of “speak it into being” to make something happen. Magic has long held its power in spoken and written spells. Words are what elevate a woman into a Goddess like Scarlett Thorne (although She hates being deified publicly) and brings a man low into a slave for Her.

Anybody who has any doubt about the power of words should listen to Mistress Scarlett in one of Her sessions with a non-stop narrative She weaves for the slave who is lying their in Her power. The magic of Her words brings about a new existence for the lucky slave. Fantasy becomes a new reality.

So what is in a word? What does it mean to be a sub? Most people will think they know but in fact there is far more to it than you may consciously be aware…i’m going to go through a selection of the sub words, explain why they apply to you as a slave and tell the stories behind them that bind me to Mistress Scarlett.

There are states of being with nouns (n), descriptions in adjectives and adverbs (adj + adv) and actions with verbs (v), they all combine to create an amazing picture of what servitude means all from the simple three letter word sub.

sub (n) – The word itself means below or under. Those three letters clearly state what you are just in themselves. It is why the image of a sub is on his or her knees before Mistress who is looking down on the humbled form below.

submissive (n + adj) – This is what most people consciously understand a sub to be. It is the small s to the big D in a D/s relationship. The submissive submits to the Dominant just as i have done completely to Mistress Scarlett Thorne. Recently Mistress Scarlett bought me a necklace with the word “owned” on it so when i go out and when people see me they know that i have submitted to Her.

But now let’s going deeper into the lexicon…and start by looking at the words which take us on a journey into servitude…

subcutaneous (adj) – This means under the skin. There’s fantastic Cole Porter song: “I’ve got you under my skin”. It means to obsess about somebody, miss them terribly and have the deepest possible feelings for them. Nothing better describes how you should feel about your Superior. i put this word first because that’s what happened when i first met Mistress Scarlett Thorne, She got under my skin in that sense. i could not stop thinking about Her and that is how She reeled me in as Her lifestyle slave. Even now i think of Her constantly, what She wants, how i can please Her. When i am away from Her presence for a protracted period it pains me, i think about Her every moment of every day. Some people may see it as a dangerous obsession and it can be in the wrong circumstances but in a true D/s relationship it is completely necessary for the sub to feel like this or you may as well give up.

subside (v) – A word for collapse. That’s what happened to my mental defences when they first met with the sheer conquering power of Mistress Scarlett’s will. When She bends Her kind to something resistance is futile in the end you will subside probably sooner rather than later. It’s another way of saying you fell for somebody, you fell under Her control.

subdued (adj) – i could have used the older word “subacted” here. The word is important it means brought under control and calmed or even defeated. It is a significant early party in breaking a slave, the Mistress needs to subdue him so that the slave no longer thinks of himself but of Her. To defeat the slave’s own desires and natural rebelliousness early on also brings calm and tranquility which is essential for Mistress’ quality of life and the smooth running of Her supplicant. A calm servant is one that is under control and no longer protesting or thinking of itself. It took two years of brutal put downs and punishments and even short exiles for Mistress to fully subdue me but it was worth it for U/us both and i am so happy for it.

subjugated (adj) – This naturally follows on from being subdued. Once the slave is subdued it can then be subjugated which means being brought under Mistress’ control. Needless to say that Mistress Scarlett has totally subjugated me, i am at Her beck and call even when not in Her presence.

subjoined (adj) – When a smaller thing is consciously joined to a greater thing then it is subjoined. That is what happens when a Dominatrix like Scarlett Thorne consciously takes a pathetic slave like me and makes it part of Her at least psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. DaniTallulah only exists because Scarlett Thorne brought the sissy maid into being to be a part of Her world. i remember early on in my service i was taken to a BDSM party by my friend Maid Felicity where i met a very famous Mistress. i was introduced to Her and She looked at me and smiled and declared: “Oh! you are Scarlett’s DaniTallulah! I do hope your Mistress is well please pass on my regards.” It was instructive because it showed that i was only recognisable and worth bothering with as an extension of Mistress Scarlett and that to a certain extent is how it has always been.

submerged (adj) – Your journey into servitude is one of being submerged into Mistress’ life. Eventually it completely covers and overwhelms you. You can only breathe because She permits it and your entire environment is Her world and Her life. The beauty of this i have found is that you understand every little bit about how to serve Mistress.

subliminal (adj) – Subliminal messages are hidden messages in a more overt message. Classically this is described in adverts. For example ads for women’s clothes don’t just advertise the clothes they provide a subliminal message of what the feminine form may be as in thin, big boobed, sexy, beautifully dressed etc. As you enter the world of servitude subliminal messages all around you begin to reinforce your self image and what you should be whether it is the clothes Mistress chooses for you, seeing BDSM related porn, seeing adverts about fashion etc. An example of this was the way Mistress Scarlett started off by feminising me and pointing me in the direction of the traditional meek female role. It lead me to start dieting without even thinking about it, shaving because i was taking in subliminal messages about what it meant to be femme from adverts and the world around me.

subconscious (n) – i have a regular recurring dream…Mistress Scarlett Thorne is taking me somewhere to castrate me, i feel calm and relaxed and totally accepting of my fate, She speaks to me kindly and tells me of the pain i will suffer for Her. 
You may want to call the psychiatrist but actually dreams are the images thrown up by the subconscious the part of our brain that we don’t consciously think with but which controls our mind and body. It’s the hardwiring, the intel processor of the person. When you have gone so far down the journey that you are completely under the power and control of a Dominatrix then She has rewired You, in other words got into Your subconscious and remade you. That’s what happens with Stockholm syndrome and, in a far more positive way, it is what Mistress Scarlett Thorne has done to me. Once done, it is virtually impossible to reprogram the person again, the conscious mind is unable to fight it and you have fallen under the Mistress’ absolute control.

With these sub words i have taken you deep into the journey of servitude but what is it you are as a slave, maid, menial, supplicant. We have mentioned submissive but here are a few more things that describe the servile assistant of a magnificent Domme.

subservient (adj) – Let’s start with an obvious one. It means under the control of somebody, inferior and much of what a slave is. i love the word and would have it tattooed on my body if i could get away with it.

subordinate (n + adj) – this word simply means inferior. It is a meaning that you must have of yourself always. An inferiority complex is a good thing. Embrace it. Being inferior and knowing it allows you to accept your natural place in life in servitude. Happiness comes from knowing who and what you are.

subject (n + v + adj) – In Britain everyone legally is the subject of the Queen, is subject to her laws and subjects themselves to them. For me it is a more tangible reality. i am a subject in Mistress Scarlett Thorne’s Queendom. i am subject to Her will, decisions, rules and Dominion. i am subjected to harsh punishment when She decides i have failed Her (or if She is bored).

subnormal (adj) – As a BDSM slave you are NOT normal, a BDSM life is abnormal in itself but as a sub you are not only different but below normal, normal is superior to you as virtually everything else is. i can see that with the strange looks people give me. There have been many occasions when Mistress Scarlett has had liberal minded vanilla friends around while i have been serving Her and skivvying. Even though they are tolerant of the lifestyle i can feel and see them looking at me in a pitying, amused or sometimes just contemptuous way. i am not ashamed but i know their opinion of me is because i am below normality.

subclass (adj) – A lovely and rare word. You may have heard of the horrid use of the word underclasses in society who are poor and downtrodden and have very little. Subclass is even below them. You have no class you are below any meaningful definition. In contrast Mistress is high class personified, even if She was born into humble background. Class is more about an inner state of being, it’s a natural place in society. Dogs understand it well which is why small Chihuahuas can control large rottweilers, personality is the essence of status and control. This is why i have witnessed the rich and powerful subject themselves to Mistress Scarlett Thorne’s will and power and it is why i fell under Her power the moment i encountered Her.

subhuman (adj) – Mistress Scarlett is Superhuman (at the very least), Her friends and family are human, you are well below that, you are also below Her pets and everything. i remember Mistress Scarlett spelling out how She is top Bitch to me, followed by Her Domme friends, followed by family, then Her normal friends, then Her dogs, then Her fish, then paying slave clients, then everybody in the world and somewhere well far below that is me. As a slave, maid, servant you serve everyone that Mistress requires to do that you have to accept you are below them, you are not one of them, you are a menial to be spat and laughed at or ignored as you get on with your chores. After all if you start thinking of yourself as human you begin to think you have rights. You don’t! You have no rights! Zero! i almost got sacked three times by Mistress Scarlett for making that mistake, She had to break me totally to make me understand and i am much more content and at peace for it.

subtraction (n) – If you think of Mistress as the whole, as everything, you are always less. Mathematically a subtraction is something reduced. This pretty much describes the life of a sub the further they enter the D/s lifestyle. The sub’s self becomes less and less as he or she becomes more part of Mistress’ life. For example, i no longer self identify, i identify through Mistress Scarlett’s eyes. She sees me as Her maid, whore, secretary, slave, scrubber and that is how i see myself.

substandard (adj) – Well a sub is by definition imperfect only Mistress is perfect, but as suggested earlier you are not even standard quality as a person you are below that. This is why a Domme needs to take you and remake you into something more useful. i know that when Mistress Scarlett first me me She certainly thought the male before Her was substandard, so She turned me into a girl to serve Her.

subplot (n) – i write for a hobby (and to order from Mistress Scarlett) so i think of life as a story, that is why the accounts of the past are called history…or Herstory in a Femdom world. And actually that is the point. Stories of whatever type are written around single figures and history is always about great figures kings and queens not the peasants. So in this sense you as a slave need to understand that you are in a great narrative and that is the story of the great person within it Mistress. As a slave or servant you are a supporting character your own story is a minor part of the larger thing which makes it a subplot. Subplots can be interesting but are optional and can be removed, they rarely continue through the whole. For me it is a joy though to even be a small part in Mistress Scarlett Thorne’s life story. One day the book will be published and if i am lucky i might figure in a chapter.

subcelestial (adj) – This is so simple, whether She likes the term or not, i treat Mistress Scarlett Thorne like the Goddess She is. Unquestioning devotion. So Mistress and being with Mistress is Heaven, as the slave you are always below Heaven looking up (if you’re allowed)…almost certainly scrubbing a floor or massaging Mistress’ feet if my life is anything to go by…every time i am in Mistress Scarlett’s presence i know i am close to Heaven.

So we know about the sub journey and what the sub is but what about the words from the sub lifestyle. Here are a few to mull on…

subtle (adj) – A bit of a surprise this one…but it is a useful lesson. Subtle is the understated, not obvious. This is important in servitude. i remember a would be sissy slave asking Mistress Scarlett to tie Her up with nipple clamps on and leave Her in the cage all day gagged because “then i will prove that i am your slave”. No. Actually not. Mistress was actually unimpressed. If you are seeking lifestyle servitude it is through the small acts of kindness and work that your devotion is revealed. So making sure Mistress has enough coffee, bowing your head, being there when She needs help, doing the shopping, the washing up, checking the TrannyFlat when She s away…there are a myriad of small but necessary and mundane tasks that need doing. Don’t think big, dramatic and obvious, think lots of small and subtle.

subroutine (n) – Mistress Scarlett’s routine goes something like this…wakes up annoyed, checks mobile, sends angry message to dani demanding to know why she is late, gets coffee, drinks it in bed, gets up, has another coffee, sends more angry messages to dani, tells dani she is sacked but orders her to turn up anyway, dani arrives, shouts at dani, asks why dani is in boy’s clothes, demands two more coffees at once, tells dani not to look at Her because She has not got make-up on, beats dani, goes upstairs to wait for coffee and do paperwork, shouts instructions at dani, has a shower, does hair, puts on make-up, watches the news, shouts some more at dani and remembers to remind her she is useless, demands half an hour foot massage from dani while She makes telephone calls, prepares for session with slave…and the day goes on…that is the THE routine.
There is then a subroutine which is dani rushing to the TrannyFlat for more than an hour’s journey in a tightly packed rush hour, arriving out of breath and distressed because Mistress is angry, trying to process Mistress’ instructions as she gets changed into suitable girl clothes at speed, makes coffee, gets on with massive pile of washing up Mistress has left, puts on washing, cleans dungeon from night before, waits for Mistress to have Her shower before cleaning the bathroom, makes more coffee, massages Mistress’ feet….and so on.
So Mistress’ Scarlett’s routine is what is important because She is important, the subroutine is something that exists to support the main routine…after all Mistress does not and should not have to do menial tasks like washing up, mopping up wee and cum, dusting and so forth…

subscribe (v) – i am not thinking about magazines and subscribing to them…they’re a bit old hat when there’s the internet…no this is about subscribing to views. In other words if Mistress has a view you subscribe to it eg agree totally. “Dani! I have decided you are a slut!” “Yes Mistress, sorry You’re right!” or “Dani! Black is white what colour is that dress?” (points to black dress) “er..white Mistress” “No! Stupid girl” *thump* “It’s red!” “sorry Mistress, i’m so stupid”.

substitute (n + v) – OK there are some idiots who think that Mistress Scarlett Thorne will give them a blow job if they ask for it in a session…erm…guys…She is a Dominatrix which means She does not get on Her knees for anybody and certainly isn’t going to demean Herself sucking cock! That’s where i come in…or rather somebody ends up cumming in my mouth…Mistress calls me in to do the task, pushes my head on the erect member and i give a BJ while She gets on being Dominant and orchestrating the session. Yes in that sense i am a substitute. 

subsidiary (n) – A subsidiary is a small firm whole owned by a larger one. If we think of Mistress Scarlett for a moment as TrannyFlat Enterprises, the part of that business which involves whoring DaniTallulah is a subsidiary. So in that sense when a slave starts earning money then it becomes a subsidiary of Mistress’ wider business. i am definitely that with my own website, advertising and client base as well as shared one with Mistress Herself.

subcontract (v) – So many people think that a D/s relationship should have a written contract. i am not a fan of this because it defines limits and makes the relationship rigid. Mistress Scarlett doesn’t have a formal contract with me, She just took possession of me and that was that. i can’t imagine that many slaves bought at the Roman market were asked to sign a contract in ancient times either. But each to their own and some Mistresses like their slaves to sign a contract. Whether a piece of paper exists or not though there is a contract between Domme and sub even if it is unspoken this means that a slave can be subcontracted to another Mistress if his or her Owner wants to. The slave does not get a say in this. So Mistress Scarlett has subcontracted me out to other Mistresses to entertain their clients by which i mean being used as a whore orally and anally where people have asked for a TV slut to be present in a session.

subsidise (v) – If a slave is lucky enough to be chosen to be a lifestyle servant to a Dominatrix then he or she needs to be prepared to pay a part of Her lifestyle by supporting Her rent or other expenses. Everything you own is actually owned by Mistress because she owns you entirely. i am lucky i help pay for the cost of the TrannyFlat (as well as the odd new dress for me) by being a working gurl and earning money from clients. i love the work, i love men being aroused by me and groping me and wanting to stick their cocks in my holes. i don’t care if feminists or transgender activist prudes whine about sexworkers being objectified, i love it! It makes me feel beautiful, the men happy and it earns money to support a wonderful world created by Mistress Scarlett Thorne.

subsist (v) – A slave should not be a burden on Mistress and Her resources, that means the servant should eat the minimum to keep going and carry on her chores and expect no more. Mistress Scarlett always keeps me fed just enough because, as She says: “an unconscious or dead maid is no good to me!” She sometimes adds: “Although you might be a bit less useless!” 
So i subsist in the trannyFlat so i have the energy to do my chores. That means eating old baked beans unused by Mistress, or very cheap value biscuits She buys me for a few pennies. Often though i will eat the leftovers from the plates of Her and Her friends, just enough to keep going and WORKING HARDER. That is subsisting, which also has the advantage of helping you get thin quickly.

subspace (n) – This is a small space within a larger place. And yes i have a subspace or two actually. Mistress scarlett has been kind enough to give me some drawers to put my female clothes and there is a little corner to put the cleaning products and vacuum cleaner. When i stay over there is even a space in the corner of the dungeon where i am allowed to sleep until Mistress requires Her early morning coffee.

subtext (n) – This is the understanding behind what is being said and done. It is essential for a maid to appreciate subtext. It means you learn to read Mistress’ moods and feelings and can see the signs of what She wants before She voices it or on occasions if She is upset and angry to ensure you quietly get on with your chores well away from Her until She calls you. i have reached this point with Mistress Scarlett, it helps that W/we are friends as far as a Superior and inferior can be, but it is incredibly important for me to understand Her feelings and desires.

And finally…a few extra surprising words which in their own strange way apply at least to my life as Mistress Scarlett Thorne’s sissy maid….

subway (n) – no! Not the sandwich shop! Don’t be greedy! I’m thinking of my everyday journey to serve Scarlett Thorne. i leave my vanilla home and then spend more than an hour on the crammed tube. The Americans of course call the tube the subway, so in recognition of that the way i go to be a sub each day is in fact the subway!

subito! (adv) – This is an Italian word which has found itself into the English language. It means “Immediately!” or “at once!” or “now!” you get the message? This is what Mistress requires of Her demands and orders, no hesitation, in fact in Mistress Scarlett’s case she is usually beating me wondering why i hadn’t anticipated Her order before.

subbuteo (n) – yes it’s a football game. Mistress Scarlett punishes sissies who get involved with enjoying football! But this is here for symbolic reasons. It is a game where little figures are controlled by two players who flick them around….yes that’s what it means to be a sub…a little figure flicked around disdainfully by Mistress.

sublime (adj) – This means extraordinary beauty. While that easily applies to Mistress Scarlett thorne Herself it also describes the life serving Her. The inseparable bond of a true D/s relationship is something quite exquisite and to be treasured beyond measure for both sides.

subaqua (adj) – Literally under water. Well somebody has got to be pissed on! If Mistress decides that you’re best as a toilet then that is what you are…
This word though has special significance for me. On 11 November 2010 Mistress Scarlett thorne baptised me in a bath of Her piss and named me DaniTallulah, Her property. i was transformed forever. i entered it a silly little man and i left it a beautiful girl my life was changed irreversibly. It was a true religious experience which i celebrate each year.

So we have explored the word sub and many – but by no means all – of its derivatives. They don’t just tell my story but the stories of all those who have served a Mistress or a Master.

my identity as Mistress Scarlett’s maid is forged out of millions of such words which have allowed me to be continually reprogrammed and reshaped to serve Her better and WORK HARDER and SUFFER MORE to be the best slave i can.

If you truly want to serve to take your place at the foot of a Superior then read these words, stitch them to your soul, immerse yourself in them and allow them to shape you into the pathetic creature you truly are, become them, let them become flesh and create a new reality for you.”