“The importance of Lent” written by Dani Tallulah

It’s Lent! And you may say so what? What does this have to do with the TrannyFlat or serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne?

Well actually it has a lot to do with serving Mistress Scarlett and being a better sissy gurl as well.

As regular readers will know there is a quasi-religious nature to serving Scarlett Thorne or, frankly, any other real Dominatrix. As a sub you need to be completely devoted and obedient, you believe in a Superior Being and regularly humble yourself before Her. Most important for the reward of getting to Paradise (aka being Her lifestyle slave) you need to make sacrifices, and wow don’t i just know it! But the joy of servitude and being bound to Mistress is such that any – yes ANY – is worth it (look back on my earlier blog on castration).

So this brings us to the great Christian festival of Lent – 40 days lodged between PancakeDay and Easter week. It may come as a shock for some that Mistress Scarlett is a Christian. This is pretty much in the medieval Inquisition understanding of the faith where transgressors and the weak are punished and tortured while it also underpins a social understanding that some (the Elect) are born Superior and must rule over the others. Where medieval folk got it wrong was that they assumed the Elect were people who were born into being Kings and Queens or aristocrats while in reality it is the people who have been bestowed a Divine spark like Mistress Scarlett and who are known by Their inner power but could be born in any social strata.

Anyway, i digress yet again…

It’s Lent! Mistress Scarlett is a great believer in the religious festivals…She likes Christmas so much that in Her time every day is Christmas, yay!…which means everyday is a day you should give Her a gift in your adoration of Her. She is also fond of Easter because She really enjoys eating chocolate.

So…it’s Lent! Don’t worry i am getting to the point….Lent is very special to Mistress Scarlett because it is a time of abstinence and sacrifice. For Her there is no more important festival for the slave. It encapsulates what is required to be Her minion.

Mistress REQUIRES that ALL Her slaves and subjects give up something for Lent…and it can’t be something easy but something difficult. For me i don’t have to really choose because Mistress Scarlett will be messaging me telling me what to do.

For example, on the first day of Lent i heard a beep on my phone…it was Mistress…

Mistress: “dani! Give up something for lent! Now!”
me: “er..”
Mistress: “Chinese food, that’s what you’re giving up!”
me: “ok, i was thinking alcohol but…”
Mistress: “yes! Alcohol too!”
me: “oh!”
Mistress: “And biscuits! Give up biscuits!”
me: “But Mistress i’ll starve…i only have biscuits and leftover baked beans to eat when i am doing my chores for You…”

Mistress: “Ok then! Not biscuits, a dead or unconscious maid is no use to Me!”

me: “Are You giving up anything Mistress?”

Mistress: “er…bacon I think…”

me: “But You’re vegetarian…how about giving up beating me?”

Mistress: “NO! And you’ll be beaten hard for suggesting that!”

me: “Well it has to be something you enjoy…and you do enjoy beating me.”

Mistress: “True! I’ll give up chocolate then!”

So, as you can see from this conversation Mistress is very clear that a 40 day sacrifice needs to be made, but in Her generosity She also goes through the trial Herself even though She does not need to….although this does mean i am going to have to hide the boxes of After 8s really well or She might forget and then have to thrash me til i cry and then a bit more.

But the spirit of Lent is one which actually is part of my life of servitude to Her. As a sissy maid you have to give up many things…starting with any idea you are a man, moving quickly into chastity and any control of if and when you can have a release. Then there is your dignity, you humanity, any rights you think you have, your money, control over your life and so much more. Eventually you will lose your balls.

The process of sacrifice is good for you. It makes you more feminine, more controlled and thinner through dieting and lots of exercise (running around doing chores, being whored out and going on long shopping trips with Mistress to carry Her bags).

The true slave has given up everything for Mistress and is in a state of blissful happiness with no worries apart from serving Her, keeping Her happy, doing all the chores ordered and not yet ordered and trying to not get beaten or sacked.

Anyway, as a final thought the great thing about Lent is that it starts with Shrove Tuesday…or Pancake Day…Mistress always lets me have a pancake or even two as a special treat that day because pancakes are “thin food”. Yay!