Here is a fabulous blog from Dani Tallulah all about the TrannyFlat springclean – crossdressers – sissy sluts, TV maids and trans kinsters feast your eyes…

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Ever wondered what 106 wet panties and 42 bras looked like? Well here you go have a good look and feast your eyes on this lot…


This is just a small part of the amazing selection of clothes available in the Tranny Flat for would be gurls, sissies, trannies and sluts that Mistress Scarlett Thorne generally wants to humiliate for Her own amusement. It is all carefully packed away in the legendary Tranny Wardrobe of Doom (the TWOD) which has Narnia like qualities in terms of opportunities to get lost in a world of endless fantasy.

But the reason I am posting this picture of underwear drying in Mistress Scarlett’s dungeon is that it is that time of year again...THE SPRING CLEAN (so important that it has to be announced in capital letters, bold and underlined!).

For most people spring cleaning is something happens when spring arrives (traditionally 21st March), however, the Tranny Flat operates in a separate time zone – Scarlett Time. This means that spring only begins when Mistress Scarlett Thorne decides it does which could be before or after the normal world or the same time. Even more importantly spring cleaning in the Tranny Flat means that Mistress Scarlett wants it all completed by the time spring begins not started afterwards.

So every year of my five years of servitude to Mistress, immediately after Christmas, the spring clean begins. This means washing hundreds of items of clothes often by hand; extra hard scrubbing of all the floors, furniture etc with a brillo pad and cloth on my knees; washing all the dildos, rubber cocks, whips, paddles, canes and other torture items by hand; and so on until everything is spick and span and to Mistress Scarlett’s satisfaction…which means to a far higher standard than most of your pathetic brains could even contemplate. Perfection is not good enough for Mistress!

As you can tell it is a very exciting time of year for me and one where I have to push myself even harder than usual just to get a smile of approval. It is a time of year where I tend to get even more bruises and marks from being regularly kicked and beaten for failing to meet Mistress’ demands.

But here is the crux of the post….this year is going to be different!

This year lucky would-be trainee maids and sissies can apply to Mistress Scarlett for special intensive training on the spring clean program.

There are many perks to those who want to come to serve:

  1. You get to be fully dressed and made-up.

  2. You get to serve Britain’s Premiere Domme (aka Mistress Scarlett Thorne).

  3. You also get to be trained by London’s top TV Domme (and senior maid)…ie Me.

  4. Mistress Scarlett enjoys getting Her slaves to test if underwear needs cleaning by making them sniff all the panties.

  5. You can expect to be abused, beaten and generally humiliated as you learn about your lowly station.

  6. When not needed you will be kept in a cage and may be forced to suck cock.

There is much more from a day of servitude and if you are considered good enough Mistress Scarlett and I may even provide you with a reference or (for the best) ask you back.

Obviously for the privilege of spending a day serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne you will be required to give Her tribute for Her precious time. This begins at £400.

There is no greater privilege and joy in life than serving Mistress Scarlett. She is also the best teacher and transformer of people you could hope to meet (I am proof of that).

For those interested in a day of maid training text Mistress Scarlett on 07910476639.