Here is a blog on the beauty of beatings by My sissy maid Dani Tallulah.  Rather appropriate as My recent twitter poll on ‘what punishment Dani should have this time’ has meant that Dani Tallulah will receive a hard spanking every day for a week!

Mistress Scarlett Thorne has a special game She plays with me…it is called “maid finishing school” and involves Her picking up a kitchen implement and beating me or poking me with it.  The purpose of the game is so i can learn what it is just by the feel of pain…pan, frying pan, small frying pan, large serving spoon, egg slice, fork, knife, t-spoon and so on…i’m getting pretty good at it thanks to Mistress’ amazing skills at training me.

There is much more to beatings though than learning about kitchen implements. And it is fair to say that Mistress Scarlett is not one who believes in “sparing the rod” as such…or the cane, ruler, flogger, paddle, rolled up newspaper or magazine, crop, belt, flat of the hand, fist, boot, high heel, stick, slipper, shoe, book, television remote control or whatever comes to hand for Her to hit me with.

i think W/we both consider the regular, pretty much daily or even several times daily beatings She gives me as a vital part of the relationship between Mistress and maid…most D/s couples would agree and i wear my bruises and red marks not so much as a badge of honour (because they are given often for me failing in my duties) but with the pride of a slave who is owned by such a magnificent Superior.

So for this blog i was going to try to list all the reasons i have received a good thrashing from Mistress. i quickly realised that it would run into the hundreds and thousands and is almost impossible to completely list. So i thought a list of categories would help…

  1. Dust (Mistress is furious when She sees it and i have failed to clean properly)

  2. Because i have failed to do all my chores

  3. Because She enjoys it

  4. Because i have not dressed properly or my appearance is substandard

  5. “Why are there moths in the flat?”

  6. Because She can

  7. To test out new canes, crops, floggers etc

  8. More dust

  9. Because She wants to show who is boss

  10. Because somebody else has annoyed Her and She needs somebody to take it out on (the traditional whipping boy is now a whipping sissy)

  11. “Bloody dust AGAIN!”

  12. Because She is upset at something has happened and She wants to work off Her frustration

  13. “MOTHS! AGAIN! In the flat!”

  14. Because i happen to be there

  15. Dust…again

  16. Because my bottom is poking up while i am scrubbing

  17. Target practice

  18. Kitchen implement finishing school training

  19. “Dust dani! You are a very bad maid!”

  20. For speaking back…or just speaking

  21. Because She doesn’t like the look on my face


  23. Because i have collected bad foot stickers on my maid bucket (foot caning)

  24. Because Mistress wants some exercise


That’s probably not completely comprehensive…but you get the gist.

Anyway, beatings are as much part of servitude for me slaving for Scarlett Thorne as breathing. It is a means of correction, punishment and, most important of all, an exercise of power. Mistress Scarlett has total power and control over me and my fate. i have accepted that as the price of being allowed to by Her maid (and let’s be honest i enjoy it).

To give an example, the other day Mistress had just arrived from a sojourn in the country. i had thought i had done all the tasks She listed me, put Her dogs’ water out, had coffee waiting for Her. She walked in and demanded Her slippers and as i knelt on the floor to pick them up so She could slip them on Her elegant feet She started laying into me with a rolled up magazine.

Obviously as a subservient i did not resist but positioned my body to maximise Her target and She carried on beating me shouting “you useless maid! Why do I put up with you?” i could feel the bruises coming up and i started whimpering “sorry, sorry Mistress” which made Her smile as She started to hit me harder. She then strode off to get Her coffee leaving me battered on the floor cheerfully shouting after Herself: “Come on dani! Get up! I need a foot massage and a gossip.”

i had no idea why She had beaten me at that moment, it could have been any one of the above reasons. As it transpired i had failed to open an upstairs window to air the room which is why Her instinct had been to beat me hard. Failure is unacceptable and it is never small. By not sparing me at all i learnt to look carefully at all Her instructions and anticipate Her wishes, i will not make the same mistake again…not if i want to walk. i think also Mistress had been VERY annoyed about being held up in traffic so beating me had taken out Her frustration with stupid drivers getting in Her way and made Her feel a lot better. So not only had i being taught a valuable lesson, punished for failure, i had been the means of cheering Mistress up. This made me feel all happy inside although i was ashamed to have had a maid fail.

Another example was when a vanilla friend of Mistress’ was visiting and had disagreed with Her. Obviously, She could not easily hit somebody who is not in Her world of BDSM even though he knows about it. Fortunately, for Mistress Scarlett i had come up stairs to clear away some cups and dishes so as i appeared She strode over to me shouting at the friend and smacked me as hard as She could across the face. i thought my jaw was broken and tears came into my eyes as the red hand mark came up on my face. The friend saw what happened, shut up and stopped disagreeing with Mistress and i went downstairs to carry on my chores. It is important that i am there as a whipping sissy for Mistress to meat out the punishment She would like to give to others and for those people to see in Her exercise of power on me that She is not to be trifled with…or indeed disagreed with.

Anyway, the one great thing about being punished is that it almost always makes Mistress Scarlett Thorne smile. Sometimes She messages me to say She is daydreaming about beating me. This is the beauty of a true D/s relationship, the invisible bond between U/us.

Some people complain about domestic abuse, and it is true in most cases it is wrong and bad, but in the relationship between a Mistress and Her maid like Scarlett Thorne and me the violence She inflicts on me is a consummation of O/our relationship.

Everyday i say my daily mantra welcoming Mistress’ domestic violence on me…Serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne is a privilege not a right, i must WORK HARDER and SUFFER MORE to deserve it.