Here is a belated entry that I rather liked that was submitted to the Story Competition…

It may have been the winner had it been entered in on time…



The city boy knocked on the door to Ms Thorne’s office. He was dressed in his usual City ‘uniform’, pin stripe suit, Turnbull & Asser tie and black Church’s Oxfords. Despite his outward assurance he was nervous. He had met Ms Thorne a couple of weeks ago and, since then, had spent every spare minute with her that he could. At their first meeting Ms Thorne has subtly exercised control so that the man had found himself following a couple of steps behind her when they walked, even though she had not instructed him to do so.

However, the real confusion arose from the fact that a week before Ms Thorne had promised a sexual encounter for tonight, but solely on her terms. The man, almost panting had, agreed, but had then been startled by the first term which was that he would wear a pair of sheer silk panties all day. Thus, the exterior of the smooth City type was undermined by the feel of a sheer silk thong. The man, reluctant to admit this fact, even to himself, however had enjoyed the feeling of the panties all day.

‘Come in.’ Ms Thorne’s voice sounded from the other side of the door and the man obeyed the command. Ms Thorne was sitting at her desk. ‘Ah, so you’ve arrived. Sit down.’ Ms Thorne pointed to a leather armchair in front of the desk. The man sat. ‘Are you prepared to go wherever I want to take this evening?’ Ms Thorne asked the question but the man was nodding eagerly almost before she had finished the sentence.

Ms Thorne stood up and walked round the desk. She too was wearing a smart navy pin stripe suit, crisp white shirt and polka dot tie. The suit was so masculine right down the razor sharp creases in the trousers. The only concession to femininity was the sharp black Louboutin heels the man noticed as Ms Thorne sat on the desk. Yet, the masculinity of the outfit could not hide Ms Thorne’s pulsing feminine sexuality. So overpowering was it that it was like an extra, tangible presence in the room.

‘So, stand up, and let’s see if you’ve been a good boy.’ The man stood up. ‘Right, drop the trousers.’ The man did as he was told, exposing the panties.

Ms Thorne smiled at first then laughed. She stood up and, with her mouth an inch away from the man’s right ear, cupped his genitals and whispered, ‘Well good boy for wearing them, but I see that I needn’t have given you such a big size.’ She stepped back and looking first at the man’s swelling cock and then into his eyes said, ‘Well you’re no hung stud, that’s for sure.’ She smiled, stepped back and, sat back on the edge of the desk.

Ms Thorne picked up the remote control on the desk and pressed a couple of buttons. A moment later a disco track came on.

‘Right, you’re a City boy so you’re familiar with the concept. I want a dance, take your clothes off slowly and excite me with your moves.’ Ms Thorne smiled, clicked her fingers and the man danced.

As the man was down to just his shirt and the thong, his erection now protruding from one side of the thong, Ms Thorne reached into the inside pocket of her jacket and produced a wallet. She beckoned him over and, as he came close, she put a £20 note into the waistband of the thong.

The man, warming to his act, finished slowly, taking off first the shirt and then the panties. He was stood naked in front of Ms Thorne who looked him up and down, coolly appraising him. The man had never felt as truly naked and exposed as he did at this moment.

Ms Thorne rang a bell. In came Dani Tallulah, wearing a maid’s outfit and bearing a tray with a shimmering, ice cold drink on it and, hanging from her right arm, a small bag. Ms Thorne sipped from the glass and turned to Dani, ‘So, what do you think?’ Dani looked the man up and down. ‘Well Ms Thorne, he’s not what you’d call well-endowed but he will do.’

‘No, he’s not big is he. What would you say, four inches?’

‘No, Ms Thorne, 3.5 I would say.’

Ms Thorne reached over the desk and picked up a ruler. The man stood, blushing to the roots of his hair as Ms Thorne placed the ruler next to his rock hard cock. ‘What a good eye you’ve got Dani. Just a shade over 3.5 inches.’

‘Still, we can find a use for him can’t we?’

‘Oh yes Ms Thorne.’

‘Right, get to work Dani.’

Dani unzipped the bag she had been holding and walked over the man. Holding a pair of stockings she motioned for the man to put them on. He did so then, as he struggled with the garter belt Dani started applying make-up. While this was going on Ms Thorne had turned the leather armchair round so that it faced into the room and had sat in it, sipping her drink and watching Dani preparing the man.

When Dani had finished the man was wearing stockings, a lacy bra, heels, vivid red lipstick, eyeliner and a small tartan skirt. Eyeliner had been thickly applied and a long blonde wig sat on the man’s head.

‘Mmm, Dani, inspired! I wanted a particularly slutty look and well, just look at her now. I think we shall call you Andrea. What do you think?’

The man, who had been in something close to a trance, nodded.

‘OK, first I want you to parade up and down, get used to those heels. Good, excellent. A bit more sashaying please. Oh yes, that’s working for me. How about you Dani?’

‘Oh yes Miss Thorne!!’

‘OK, Andrea, over here, in front of me, now kneel down.’

The man did as he was told, kneeling about three feet away from Ms Thorne. Ms Thorne motioned to Dani, ‘You’ve been such a good little maid this week that I shall grant you a treat.’ Turning to Andrea, Ms Thorne said, ‘To be part of my home you need to show you fit in. Dani is now going to stand in front of you and, well, I think you know what you need to do.’

The man gawped as Dani stood in front of him, hands on her hips, legs shoulder width apart. Slowly, tentatively, the man pulled down Dani’s panties. Dani was semi hard and the man gripped her cock and, almost as though his actions were beyond his power, put the end in his mouth.

As he felt Dani’s cock grow in his mouth the man started sucking and felt Dani’s hands on the back of his head. As he sucked harder he felt Dani forcing her cock into his mouth and slowly fucking his face.

‘Oh Dani, you really needed that didn’t you! How remiss of me not to have realised before.’ The man heard Ms Thorne’s voice coming closer and looked up to see her now next to Dani. She reached in to the top of Dani’s dress and he heard Dani squeal with a delicious pain as Ms Thorne pinched her nipples. He also saw Dani’s hand reach under Ms Thorne’s jacket and stroke what appeared to be a bulge in the groin of Ms Thorne’s trousers. Ms Thorne, releasing Dani’s nipples undid and threw off her own jacket and then slowly unzipped her trousers. She reached inside and pulled out a huge black strapon cock.

‘My turn Dani you greedy bitch.’ She said. She steered the man’s face off Dani’s cock and thrust her own plastic penis deep into his throat. ‘No, Andrea sweetie, don’t neglect Dani. Jerk her while you suck my cock.’

The man did as he was told and felt the thrusting hips of Ms Thorne as he tried to suck her enormous strapon and Dani’s thrusting hips as he gripped her cock.

‘Enough,’ said Ms Thorne, ‘Andrea, get your slutty arse and bend over my desk. Andrea got up and did as she was told. ‘Dani, I think your cock needs sucking.’

Dani went round and Andrea greedily started sucking her cock again. Ms Thorne stood next to Dani, she had some KY and was lubing her cock, strocking it, in long and rhythmic strokes, wanking her own cock.

Ms Thorne moved round behind Andrea who felt Ms Thorne’s cock brushing at the edge of her anus.

‘Well Andrea, what do you say?’

Without hesitation Andrea replied, ‘Oh fuck me please Ms Thorne.’

Ms Thorne slowly drove her cock into Andrea causing the latter to grunt and brace herself, but as the initial pain dissipated Andrea felt herself pushing back on to Ms Thorne’s cock.

‘Oh, what a greedy little slut you are Andrea, who would have thought it.’

Ms Thorne then started fucking Andrea hard and fast and then long and slow, alternating her rhythm. In fact Ms Thorne herself was now highly aroused, as the harness of her strapon cock pressed against her clitoris it was the sensations in her own body she was serving.

Dani now was close to orgasm and was moaning and greedily face-fucking Andrea. Ms Thorne now pushed hard in short jerky strokes into Andrea’s arse and felt the pressure on her clitoris build before she came. As she was doing so Dani pulled out of Andrea’s mouth and shot her load of hot, creamy spunk into Andrea’s face.

Ms Thorne pulled her cock out of Andrea and instructed her to kneel in front of her. Andrea was rock hard and clearly close to the edge herself.

‘Fair’s fair Dani. Finish Andrea off. By hand only though. We don’t want Andrea turning into a greedy little bitch do we.’