Here is a fabulous blog by My devoted maid Dani Tallulah

“At the point of writing today is 4th July 2017. For the Yanks it is Independence but for me it is Servitude Day.

Seven years ago today i walked into a dungeon in Hammersmith, London and met the most extraordinary, fabulous, charismatic and talented person i have experienced. Mistress Scarlett Thorne doesn’t like people to refer to Her as a Goddess but i still remember the instant sensation i had that day that i was in the presence of divinity. Some people are so Superior that you can feel the power of their presence emanating from them just by simply being in the same room. Mistress Scarlett is such a Woman and then some.

For those of you who don’t know the tale, i had begged Her over weeks (maybe months) to be allowed to come for a session. Mistress is very fussy. my intention was to meet a Dominatrix, have a session as a one off and try to get the BDSM fantasies which had been swirling around my head for years out of my system and then get on with my life. Of course it didn’t work out like that. Seven year on i am Mistress Scarlett’s sissy maid, some time whore, secretary, PA, companion, massager and all round slave. Just four months after that first meeting She formally made me Her property and W/we have never looked back. Now i can’t think of myself as a man or in my old life and i can’t bear the idea of being separated from Mistress or sacked by Her. i still feel the inner thrill of being in Her presence that i felt on that first day but my devotion has grown and deepened over the years. That feeling of being in the presence of something far Superior has only grown and been reinforced as i have become more and more part of Her life. I have met other Dommes since and while They are certainly superior to me i have never met anybody in any facet of my life with the inner power that Mistress Scarlett possesses.

Anyway it’s seven years! Yay! i should be grateful She hasn’t sacked me yet. In fact Mistress has just sent me a list of chores and maidfails she has spotted for the day…but do maids get a seven year itch? Well yes and no…

No, in the sense i could never imagine serving another Mistress or being parted from Mistress Scarlett. Not that it is my choice, i’m Her property, so She decides my fate. However, there is a lot of dust in the Tranny Flat, so if there is any seven year itching it is a result of my maidfails and not doing my chores properly….also the vacuum cleaner is broken…

Fortunately, the anniversary of me first meeting Mistress Scarlett falls just before Her birthday! So this year i am buying Mistress a vacuum cleaner for Her birthday. Now you make think that is a dull gift but Mistress actually likes practical things. Also a vacuum cleaner isn’t the only gift in itself, it comes with my continued servitude and using it to make Her life cleaner and more comfortable.

Slaves should take note of this when choosing a gift for Mistress. Her birthday is celebrated for the WHOLE of july btw DON’T FORGET. Mistress doesn’t want frivolous things, She is VERY fussy about clothes and has a lot of sex toys. The things She loves are things which can be useful and which demonstrate a slave’s devotion to Her not just that day but every day beyond. If you’re stuck for ideas i strongly suggest money or gift vouchers (even simple Barbour, Debenhams, M&S or even Argos vouchers are always welcome and uselful). Mistress loves choosing Her own things.

Also…rather thoughtfully Mistress has written a wishlist for worried slaves. It’s a good idea to read it

But as i’ve said before, there’s a reason that every day is Christmas in Her presence (apart from the gift to a slave of being allowed to be in Her presence) and that is a Mistress is not just for one day She should be your everyday obsession. So don’t just think a birthday gift but think how you can make a sacrifice to make Her life happier all through the year.

After seven years of sacrificing myself there is almost nothing i wouldn’t do for Mistress Scarlett. The only real itch i have is i want to surrender myself totally to serving Her and give up on everything else because nothing is better than being on my knees slaving for Mistress Scarlett. “