Here is a bog by Dani on Christmas time in the TrannyFlat…

Under a year until Christmas 2017 🙂 

Some of you who have read my previous musings know that, like all Mistress Scarlett Thorne’s slaves, that i live in Scarlett Time. Mistress is so fabulous and important that she has Her own personal time zone for which we MUST all live by.

But one fact about Scarlett Time which is unalterable is that every day is Christmas! Every day in Mistress’ presence is the most joyous feeling you can ever have. It’s that thrill of waking up to find that Santa has entered and emptied his sack for you (and left some presents! Lol). But the thrill is even more and sustained. Serving Mistress is the gift that keeps on giving, the ultimate privilege.

If you’re lucky Mistress will decorate you like a Christmas tree hanging clamps off your nipples and balls and putting a pretty pattern of bruises round your body as She beats you or even better hangs sissy clothes on your body and makes you pretty with make up. Santa won’t empty his sack for a tart who hasn’t been prepared for some festive fun.

The other aspect of every day is Christmas is that you are required to give your gift to Mistress every day in Her awesome presence. This can be money or something She needs and requires or just a simple act of service. There is no greater pleasure than pleasing Mistress which is why every day i try to WORK HARDER and SUFFER MORE to make her happy. A simple “good gurl” or being allowed to kneel for an hour massaging Her feet or being ordered to snuffle up Her farts fill me full of festive joy.

This does not mean though that the real Christmas which ordinary vanilla people celebrate is not important. IT IS! And Mistress takes it very seriously in Her Tranny Flat. This week W/we will start decorating, we shall make special Scarlett tarts (both ones to eat and ones for clients to f***), and of course slaves need to start thinking about what to buy Her.

What to get Mistress is a VERY VERY VERY important decision and not one to be taken lightly. i remember Her once banning a slave for a while for buying an ill fitting bra which She had not asked for and not even wrapping it up. One year i was so nervous about what to get Her that i waited six months until She told me What She wanted. Thankfully Scarlett Time meant Mistress did not think the gift was late.

There is some simple advice which i would give. First, Mistress – who is incredibly generous – always nominates a charity for Her slaves to give money to. This is not optional and should not be treated as an alternative to a present.

Second, She is likely to put a blog giving slaves ideas of what She wants so keep up with checking Her website. Having said that there is already advice on the site about what not give Her and what She wants. Stick carefully to that unless She suggests something else to you.

However, my best advice to You is that Mistress Scarlett Thorne likes to buy Herself gifts and choose what She wants Herself after a lot of shopping time. So if You really want to please Her give Her some money on top of ordinary session money so She can spend it on Her desires. Alternatively offer to pay for Her courses or bills to support Her lifestyle. We are privileged to be able to serve Her and we should make personal sacrifices in thanks and offering to the Goddess who rules our lives.

Remember, though, a Mistress is not just for Christmas but for every moment of your life.