As I said in a previous post My maid Dani is writing a regular diary for you all to enjoy.

Here is another instalment from her writings and ramblings.


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Here’s the next instalment of my diary as Mistress Scarlett Thorne’s sissy maid. i don’t put everything in just moments or thoughts which strike me as important.

Monday 5 August 2013

Mistress Scarlett Thorne (MST) is away in Wales and not coming back til tomorrow. i am supposed to clean but get bogged down by vanilla life stuff. Often find if i don’t start at the Tranny Flat in the morning it is hard to catch up. Is generally a very frustrating day. Even a client who wanted to try out my various holes and me to try his cancels.

Eventually arrive at 7.30pm and run into Princess. Somehow it seems a good idea to go to a local cocktail restaurant and have an evening out…the cleaning can wait.

Go home tipsy and feeling very worried what happens if MST returns and finds TF not properly cleaned.

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Arrive at midday in TF far later than planned. Decide that lunch is for people with too much time. Often don’t eat when i a maiding especially if MST is away. MST usually forces me to have something on the basis that if i pass out i am no good to Her.

Blitz the flat. Hoover, dust, mop, wipe clean things i have not cleaned before. Polish mirrors. Do all the washing and washing up. Reorganise Her wardrobe and clothes drawer. File the receipts into the correct envelopes. Don’t stop til 8pm absolutely knackered.

MST texts to say She won’t arrive til very late and i leave praying inwardly that She is happy with my work.

People imagine serving a Mistress that She is always there and You are just running around at Her beck and call but the truth is very different. i am often in the TF alone getting on with chores. i spend many hours alone with just my mop and cleaning materials for company and Classic FM playing in the background (MST insists its stays on).

There is no “play” as some might put it just work and the hope that MST will be at least semi-pleased. Even a brief word of praise fills me with joy.

i am not bored. i love doing the chores because i feel i am making a small contribution to Mistress’ life and if i have downtime there is always work on my nails, shaving or doing online things.

People may look down on menial tasks but i wish i could do them all the time. It is a matter of working for the right person and i do.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Very happy MST is back. Get to TF as quickly as possible to hear Her verdict on my cleaning.

“Not bad.”

For somebody with MST’s high standards that’s quite high praise although She thinks i should have polished the mirrors better.

But there is good and bad news at the end of the day. MST is pleased enough to give me my two butterfly stickers back BUT if i “f*** up again” i start losing stickers i had previously won. i have 24 hours to see if i am two up or more down.

MST does these things to exert Her control over me. She knows that it will make me panic and worry and i think think She derives a lot of pleasure from stirring up my fear and uncertainty. But i guess She is a sadist, She doesn’t play at being one!

Highlight of the day was spending an hour on my knees massaging MST’s sore feet while She made telephone calls and watched TV. They were a lot less sore after i finished but my hands and knees ached incredibly.

It really is my favourite task. There’s a huge level of trust given to a slave when she or he is allowed to massage a Domme and more than that there is a symbiotic relationship that develops. As i massage i sort of soak up Mistress’ pain into my hands and take it on for Her. It is very intimate but it can also be very dehumanising because as the sub gets on with it the Mistress largely ignores her or him except to give the odd verbal instruction on changing the emphasis of he massage. i remember i once massaged MST’s feet for two hours while She watched a film about somebody being buried alive. She ignored me throuhout, i felt like a utility, but i also felt very happy.

It is not always true though. Sometimes the massage is the time when Mistress discusses Her personal things with the sub and gossips. So it can also be very personal and friendly time.

Today was a mixture of both.But whichever it is there is nothing to beat being at your Mistress’ feet on your knees serving Her.


Thursday 8 August 2013

So what do you do as a slave when the Mistress you serve gives one order then one of Her best friends another Domme arrives and gives contradictory orders?

i tend to go with the Domme in front of me on the basis that whichever way i go punishment is inevitable and the nearest Domme is the one in the best position to hit you.

Any today MST was away on vanilla life business and Her great friend Mistress Luna arrived with new equipment for Her to borrow. MST had said to wait before taking things up to the flat, ML had other ideas. So boyed up i assisted ML.

MST arrived, told me off, beat me hard, shouted a bit and then W/we all got on with another TF reorganisation.

This represented survival for a sub. Although i almost got myself in terible trouble for forgetting toput ice in ML’s drink.

At the end of the day MST made me kneel and gave me two good gurl butterflies on my bucket but also three bad gurl feet. That’s 13 strikes of a cane to my feet for every misdemeanor but 13 per cent of the way to a shopping trip with the butterflies.

Friday 9 August 2013

Sad day because i am going away on holiday for two weeks. Mistress Scarlett Thorne beats me hard for having the cheek for going away, although i did ask permission.

Most people feel happy about going on holiday but my idea of a holiday would be to just serve MST without worrying about my other life.

Work really hard, almost get the sack twice and somehow survive.

Before i go MST gets me to kneel again with the bucket. This time there is a new poo sticker for shame but two more butterfly stickers for working so hard.

Also Mistress puts “My best gurl” on the bucket. Feel incredibly happy. Going to miss Her so much and the TrannyFlat.