Hello sluts!

Happy June! May it be sun and kink filled and may you VOTE within My advice (featured below) to ensure a safer, fairer, better future for U/s all… Long live the Queendom!

To help you plan your diary, below you will find My likely availability for June 2017 in London W2.

Please send a text to book Me in London or let Me know if you are interested in meeting in Edinburgh or the Highlands !

Remember I DON’T do mornings and I only generally see one lucky slave per day that I am available!

I have some SPECIAL DOUBLE session availability in the coming month with My TV maid Dani

For London adventures an unhurried hour is My preferred session length for new aquaintences. Meet Me in My fantastic BDSM dungeon and crossdressing paradise ‘The TrannyFlat’. The minimum tribute is £200 as described on My ‘tribute’ page (this is for an unhurried hour).

For Edinburgh and the Highlands of Scotland I will only meet with you if you are aged over 40, educated, enjoy countryside pursuits or farming, consider yourself polite and interesting company and live or have premises in the Highlands of Scotland or Edinburgh.  I will request a deposit and potentially identification for security purposes. The minimum booking is three hours and if the journey up is to just see you (eg – not during one of My pre-planned trips) I will require travel costs in addition to at least £500 tribute.  If I am visiting Edinburgh anyway, as I often do, then the minimum booking is one hour and ideally booked as a Double Domme session with My friend Mistress Inka.

If you can’t make it to see Me or simply want to show Me you WORSHIP Me then why not send Me an amazon gift voucher to mistressthorne@hotmail.com ?!  I promise to spend your money very wisely on lots of sexy things!

June 2017

Thursday 1st  – Available

Friday 2nd  / Saturday 3rd / Sunday 4th / Monday 5th– Away

Tuesday 6th / Wednesday 7th  – Available London W2

Thursday 8th – VOTING DAY – AWAY TO VOTE – Make your vote count – DO NOT VOTE LABOUR THEY DO NOT SUPPORT SEX WORKERS RIGHTS!!!! Green / LibDem / Conservative are all acceptable alternatives for supporting Sex Worker’s and Dommes! If Labour get in they will eventually bring in the Swedish model and CRIMINALISE your use of all sex and Domme services! You will be made into a CRIMINAL and potentially made into a registered sex offender just for having FUN! Use your vote wisely – DO NOT VOTE LABOUR !

Friday 9th / Saturday 10th / Sunday 11th / Monday 12th –  Away

Tuesday 13th / Wednesday 14th / Thursday 15th –  Available London W2 – – HOT DOUBLE TV SESSIONS AVAILABLE!

Friday 16th / Saturday 17th / Sunday 18th / Monday 19th – Away

Tuesday 20th / Wednesday 21st / Thursday 22nd – Available London W2

Friday 23rd / Saturday 24th /Sunday 25th / Monday 26th / Tuesday 27th – Away

Wednesday 28th / Thursday 29th / Friday 30th – Available London W2  


IF you are lucky enough to have an appointment with Me – whether you are an existing slave or a lucky new toy  : DON’T FORGET TO CONFIRM you silly slut!  THAT MEANS : Text on The Monday of the week of your appointment, text the day before, text ON the morning of  you appointment (BEFORE 10am) AND text one hour before you arrive!

If you don’t do the above I will probably have gone out shopping with Dani or be off out studying something very clever that you, with your tiny slave brain cell, would not understand.  THIS WILL RESULT IN  you feeling like even more of a twatty-twirp than you already are as you will miss your appointment and you will end up sat around like a total LOSER wondering where your Mistress is and if she is having a fabulous time…  CONFIRMATION IS KEY to avoiding this LOSER feeling and to ensuring your appointment goes ahead!

I DO NOT wait around in the TrannyFlat 24/7  – I have a fabulous life to get on with!

Looking forward to seeing you for LOTS of kinky fun in June 2017!

Long live the Queendom!

Spitty Kisses