Holidays are BANNED – A blog by My Maid Dani who is now BANNED from days off!

i am on holiday! For most people holidays are a wonderful time to relax, go away, not work, enjoy yourself etc, but let me tell you a secret….i HATE holidays! Detest and loath them. They are THE worst thing!

You may find that a strange statement but it really is quite simple. Holiday for me means a temporary exile from the Tranny Flat and serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne. It is a painful reminder that i cannot live the life i so desperately want which is to be Mistress’ 24/7 maid, scrubber, secretary, masseur, whore or whatever task She desires of me.

Basically, because i am trapped in a complicated double life holidays mean i generally can’t go and serve Mistress. This means i get sad and frustrated being away from Her and She becomes increasingly furious as the undone tasks and chores pile up. Each passing second I think of the dust gathering and get the odd messages from Mistress about how She has found piles of the stuff and is having to do tasks She would expect of me. The pain of being away is almost matched by the pain She inflicts in punishment when i return be it a thrashing, hard steel nipple clamps, A LOT of scolding or all the above plus other things. So holidays are not a time of relaxation for me, they are a time of growing fear and agitation.

You may say that i could go away and see wondrous places and things which is true but nothing is as wondrous as Mistress and being in Her presence. i crave to be kneeling at Her feet or hearing Her scream at me or spit me or feel Her boot connecting with my bum or the hard slap on my face every day.

And the fact is that if i was able and allowed to serve Her properly 24/7 there would be no such thing as a holiday just an endless list of chores. Bliss! A ‘break’ serving Mistress is what happens when She gets over enthusiastic with the riding crop…

The closest thing to a holiday would be accompanying Mistress Scarlett on a holiday, but not to enjoy myself just to carry Her bags and ensure everything ran smoothly so She could enjoy Herself and not have to deal with minor irritants. Actually hopefully i will have one of those ‘holidays’ later this year. Realky i want that to happen so much. Would be SUCH an honour!

Anyway in the meantime i can’t wait for Monday morning and returning to the impossibly long list of chores Mistress Scarlett will have for me when i get back to my life of servitude.