Living under Scarlett Law – a blog by Dani Tallulah for Mistress Scarlett Thorne

As a maid the nearest i get to ‘literature’ is reading the lists of menial chores Mistress Scarlett Thorne makes me prepare so She can focus on important matters like being fabulous. i know that literature itself is one of those high end things for my betters – such as Mistress Herself  – to have time to enjoy and appreciate while i am on my knees scrubbing Her floors, massaging Her feet, sucking a client’s c**k or doing whatever else She requires.

But serving an educated, super cultured Owner like Mistress Scarlett means even the dullest little mind like mine gets to pick up snippets and lines from literature.

One of these is “the law is an ass!”

When i first heard this i thought it referred to what judges like to do in their spare time…but apparently it comes from somebody called Dickens which, coincidently, also sounds like what judges like to do to my ass in their spare time…

Of course what it really means that the law is an idiot, stupid…perhaps even more than me…although Mistress usually describes me as a “stupid gurl” every other sentence in despair at my failure to be as perfect as Her.

It may be my dimwittedness but i didn’t really understand why the law is stupid until this week then i heard something on the news that shocked me to my core. It seems that Members of Parliament – the people who decide our laws – are trying to make it illegal for employers to force employees to wear high heels at work!

This apparently is in the cause of feminism. Now i have no problem with feminism. i don’t believe in equality but when You work for a fabulous Woman like Scarlett Thorne you know Women are Superior. Also when you spend so much time, as i do, trying to improve myself by becoming more female then you know that the feminine is far better than the masculine.

But the idea that it can be illegal for somebody to be forced to wear the required clothing for work is bizarre, it could lead to chaos. i mean what happens if i started wearing trousers and boys clothes to maid in? What happens if i saw a client dressed in drab boring clothes and didn’t wear make up? He certainly wouldn’t want to f*** me and would not pay up.

It was when i heard this strange new law that i realise that SCARLETT LAW outweighs normal law. Once you become Mistress’ slave you have to obey Her rules beyond anything else or be banished forthwith.

So Mistress Scarlett has very strict rules about dress codes for those who serve Her. You MUST wear pretty female clothes to maid in, you MUST wear sexy short dress to be a whore in AND high heels AND make up!

You MUST have nice long gurl’s hair (but never call it a wig) even if it is hot weather and your head is cooking. The only time you don’t wear high heels is when Mistress gives permission, then your feet must still be presented in a feminine manner.

No silly little law is going to change these requirements and Mistress will sack anybody who disobeys.

But this appalling contradiction comes up in other areas of life too.

Apparently slavery is illegal.

According to the law Mistress should pay a minimum wage and provide a pension.

Apparently there is automatic paid holiday leave Mistress should provide Her minions.

It also turns out She does not have a legal right to beat Her slaves either for pleasure or punishment.

She can’t force Her slaves to drink Her piss if She is caught short!

There are even laws against verbal humiliation and limiting working hours and against bullying in the workplace. The ludicrous list just goes on and on!

All this of course is a total nonsense and it proves that Scarlett Law in Mistress’ dominion is far superior. Her law reflects the true nature of humanity which is there are strong, dominant Superiors and weak subservients to serve them.

So when you surrender yourself to Mistress Scarlett’s rule you don’t need to worry your silly little head about rights, just get on with serving Her and taking all the punishment and suffering She wishes to dole out. The only ‘ass’ you need to worry about is yours being thrashed for failing to do your chores or sometimes Mistress’ when She requires You to snuffle Her expulsions of air (not farts).

Remember Scarlett Law is simple. It is total servitude with Mistress as the judge, jury and executioner. What She says is accepted without question or contradiction.

If it helps Scarlett Law is summed up by my daily mantra: “Serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne is a privilege not a right, i must WORK HARDER and SUFFER MORE to deserve it”.