Hello sluts and Happy New Year!

Why not make a kinky New Year’s resolution and apply to serve a stunning English Redhead London Mistress and make a new Fetish friend in 2019!

As many of you know I am an experienced British Dominatrix and Fetish escort who will tie, tease and abuse you in My private and exclusive BDSM dungeon and crossdressing boudoir. 

Through January and most of the start of the 2019 I will be available on weekdays by advance appointment so please do TEXT (SMS) from your UK phone number to make your enquiry. 

The best days to attend to serve Me as your London Mistress are usually Tuesday , Wednesday or Thursday to ensure I can have My long weekends away in the countryside!

EVENT NEWS : I shall be attending the ‘Sissy Manor’ event in May so you are also welcome to put that in your diaries NOW. It is an event run by sissies for sissies and I will be one of the Ladies of the Manor!

The TrannyFlat and the Dungeon are as welcoming, slutty and as debauched as ever and My sluts and I are raring to have some jolly kinky (but very DISCREET) fun so here’s how and when to book in:

Remember: What happens in the TrannyFlat STAYS in the TrannyFlat!  Discretion is assured!


If you’d like to come along for a session then TEXT ME – I do not accept ANY calls unless they are pre-arranged. I’m a jolly busy Mistress and I know you haven’t read this blog if you call and call… 

So, please send Me a text to book time with Me in London or let Me know if you are interested in meeting in Edinburgh in future months!

Remember I DON’T do mornings and I only generally see one or maybe two lucky slaves per day that I am available so try to book in advance if you can! 


For London adventures an unhurried hour or 90 minutes is My preferred session length for NEW acquaintances. For those who I get on with I prefer TWO hours!!!!  Meet Me in My fantastic BDSM dungeon and crossdressing paradise ‘The TrannyFlat’. The minimum tribute is £200 per unhurried hour or £300 per 90 minutes as described on My ‘tribute’ page though tips and gifts are of course appreciated! 

If you can’t make it to see Me or simply want to show Me you WORSHIP Me then why not send Me an amazon gift voucher to mistressthorne@hotmail.com or look at My online discreet wishlist here:



If you are inclined to get Me a little present to celebrate meeting with Me then here are some ideas of things I would like – Cash – nothing says you appreciate Me more than helping to pay the TrannyFlat rents!  An extra little tip in the envelope is always very much appreciated and is just as valuable to Me as your other gifts! If you would like to get Me a little present of sorts then I do rather like Alien perfume, Waterstones vouchers, anything by Barbour (Size 8 or 10 clothing or wax hats in XL due to My large hair and big brain)Amazon vouchers, Bonsai trees, leather gloves (black or purple, medium or large due to My long nails!)books on sheep, Wales, Scotland or dogs, signage in Neon for the TrannyFlat, additional CROSSDRESSING items for the TWOD (Tranny Wardrobe of DOOM) or even a  a WINNING lottery ticket or vast wedges of cash from a HUGE lottery win!  Oh and of course the BEST gift of all; your EVERLASTING SERVITUDE.

You can also order things directly to My door simply, discreetly and easily by using My Amazon wishlist – CLICK HERE :   http://amzn.eu/0FwpH8N


IF you are lucky enough to have an appointment with Me – whether you are an existing slave or a lucky new toy  : DON’T FORGET TO CONFIRM you silly slut!  THAT MEANS : Text on The Monday of the week of your appointment BEFORE 10am (if you have a Monday appointment YOU NEED TO TEXT ON THE FRIDAY BEFORE YOUR MONDAY APPOINTMENT as well as on the Monday of your appointment), text the day before, text ON the morning of  your appointment (BEFORE 10am) AND text one hour before you arrive!

If you don’t do the above I will probably have gone out shopping with My maid Dani or be off out studying something very clever that you, with your tiny slave brain cell, would not understand.  THIS WILL RESULT IN  you feeling like even more of a twatty-twirp than you already are as you will MISS your appointment and you will end up sat around like a total LOSER wondering where your Mistress is and if she is having a fabulous time…  CONFIRMATION IS KEY to avoiding this LOSER feeling and to ensuring your appointment goes ahead!

I DO NOT wait around in the TrannyFlat 24/7  – I have a fabulous life to get on with!

Looking forward to seeing you for LOTS of kinky fun through 2019!!!!

May it be a super kinky year for U/us all!

Long live the Queendom !

Spitty Kisses

MST xxx

Mistress Scarlett Thorne

London Mistress – English Redhead – Fetish Friend – Sissy OWNER