My maid DaniTallulah acts as the TrannyFlat Agony Aunt.  She runs an insightful blog called ‘TrannyAgony’ as well as maiding, slutting, partying and generally being My punchbag.

DaniTallulah has obviously developed a sixth sense of the Womanly kind as I think many Mistresses including Myself are currently Royally pissed off with some slaves whining when We Mistresses are so generous to them…  The majority of My slaves are exceptional in their levels of dedication, servitude and submission however unfortunately I have had to kick two slaves to the curb recently because of their tendency to whine (which I hate). I hadn’t actually told Dani the details of these incidents but I presume they have approached her for tranny counselling post being thrown out of My stable.

They may be allowed back one day, but for now they are exiled and banished from the TrannyFlat until I feel they should be allowed back.

Anyway – here is the piece – it is undoubtedly proof that Dani is a woman now, she couldn’t develop that level of insight without thinking like a girl…


There is no secret to a successful Domme/sub (D/s) relationship – Mistress is the Dominant and you are the slave. That means She is totally in control and you have no rights. Sounds simple, but all too often slaves forget their true status (and that has in the past included me).

Mistress Scarlett Thorne, who i have the privilege to serve, is the most generous person i know. She will almost always go over time with sessions. She goes out of Her way to help Her slaves. She spends hours making sure that those who come to serve Her have their fantasies fulfilled. She is incredibly caring, even though She is superior to all of us.

This is rare among Mistresses generally and for one as experienced and properly lifestyle as Scarlett Thorne it is almost unheard of.

Yet despite all this slaves still moan and whine.

If there is one piece of advice i am asked for more often than any by both new and experienced slaves it is usually some whining gripe about how they expected Mistress (not just Scarlett Thorne but many Others) to agree to some ridiculously excessive demand or not giving them extra time or not doing exactly what was expected or not doing something when they thought it might happen. Essentially the problem being slaves wanting something for free because they think somehow they have paid for it.

The trouble is that the moan is also more often than not also sent to Mistress in the form of whining and manipulative email, texts and dms. i know in Mistress Scarlett’s case She is very hurt by these and feels it is a terrible betrayal by a slave who She has given so much of Herself for. And be in no doubt IT IS A BETRAYAL!

As i said i have made this mistake more than once. It is only through Mistress Scarlett’s extraordinary ability to forgive and because She believes i am at heart devoted to Her that the resulting long, painful exiles did not become permanent. But i paid a heavy price for my bad behaviour which made me physically and mentally ill, and quite rightly so.

i think my last exile which lasted more than a month finally brought me to my senses. i realised that there is nothing more important to me than serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne and that i would be willing to sacrifice almost anything to be allowed to continue as Her property, maid, PA, punchbag and all the other roles i fill.

i have now found complete happiness and peace in the simple knowledge that i am able to serve the most remarkable Person i have ever met in my life, which is no small compliment. In turn Mistress Scarlett is a very generous Mistress. She knows She has complete power over me and that makes Her generosity all the more touching.

But for those of you who are feeling deeply frustrated and are about to send a whining text to your Mistress or/ and bad mouth Her behind Her back, then read the following points and DO NOT send the message.

1. Remember you are a slave in a D/s relationship. As a slave you have no rights (that’s the point). If you don’t take it seriously and are just playing at it then maybe proper BDSM is not for you. But here is a warning the “Dominatrixes” who are not lifestyle are much more likely to clock watch and kick you out when your time is up.

2. Never forget Mistress’ many generosities and kindnesses. That is certainly the case with Scarlett Thorne. It is generous of Her to even allow you to enter Her service. Most Dommes are quite picky.

3. The money you pay for sessions is tribute to the Dominant you serve to support Her lifestyle it is not an exact science for a specific amount of time. For that tribute you will often get more than you asked for but sometimes less depending on Mistress’ mood. Be grateful for whatever you get.

4. Remember that Dommes have a private life and do not want to be pestered all the time. They also need down time to recover and relax. Sessioning is hard work, some harder work than others.

5. Moaning is counterproductive. If you really annoy a Mistress She may cut your time, get rid of you, ignore you for weeks or months,or even get you blacklisted. Exile is a terrible thing.

6. Also remember that you are just one of many slaves for Mistress (that doesn’t include me of course HAHA! because i am Scarlett Thorne’s maid and there’s just one of me). If you upset Her then She has many more play things She will prefer to give attention to.

So here are some Dos and Don’ts:

DO ask nicely and say please and thank you.

DON’T send whining texts or dms

DO be enormously grateful and broadcast your gratitude

DON’T show any ingratitude

DO make sure you do your best to make Mistress happy

DON’T bitch about Her to others in private or public

DO send polite requests

DON’T bombard her with hundreds of texts

If you feel frustrated, that’s normal because you are a slave FFS! This is all about Mistress’ whims and desires which just happen to overlap with yours.

So here is my advice: Before you pick up your mobile to send that umpteenth whining text take a deep breath and then several more deep breaths, think about the many generosities of Mistress, think about the consequences of really seriously annoying Her, think about how important serving Mistress is and then do not send the text.

One way to tackle it is to have a daily mantra like me.  Some of you may have seen it on Twitter and it allows me to keep things in perspective.

“Serving Mistress Scarlett Thorne is a privilege not a right, i must WORK HARDER ad SUFFER MORE to deserve it.”

If you have any problems as a sub or tranny you can contact me on or on Twitter by tweeting @DaniTallulah.