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Send a text for Paypal address for discreet cash tributes

Hello sluts

Well, what a state the world is in.  Just to firstly warn you all that I’ve signed up to be an NHS check in and chat volunteer whilst I’m ‘shielded’ for 12 weeks, so if you recognise a cheery voice on the phone make sure  you don’t say ‘Yes Mistress’ in front of your household!

Please read My blog below, but before you read it, please let Me give you the details to assist at this time if you are willing. I have always been generous with My time and facilities to you, so I do hope at this difficult time you can consider being generous to Me.

I still have to pay for the TrannyFlat (which is NOT My home so I am NOT entitled to any help from the government with this expense).  I would like to keep the TrannyFlat going so it can rise again and we can all have fun after this is over. I am using any and all money I can find or raise to keep paying the TrannyFlat rent so please consider helping at this time so that the fabulous TrannyFlat will still be there for you when this is all over.

PAYPAL – this is the BEST way to send Me money to keep the TrannyFlat going through this difficult time.  This means I can actually pay the TrannyFlat rent with your donations.  It is SECURE and DISCREET (comes up as PayPal on your statements) and if you select ‘friends and family payment’ neither you nor I get ANY fees. Please text for the Paypal address.

My secondary choice of assistance if you really cannot send help for the TrannyFlat by PayPal is Amazon vouchers (as this will allow Me to buy food etc).  My email address to send an ‘e voucher’ is – PLEASE make sure it is a UK voucher (use NOT .com).  Please do consider PayPal as I cannot pay the TrannyFlat rent with Amazon vouchers but I do appreciate any help you can give at all. 

If you cannot do either of these please text Me (if I know you already) and we can see if there is another way to help at this time. I can potentially take credit card payments (I have a card machine) or even accept a bank transfer.

Thank you so much.  

Anyway here’s the news….

I suspected in January that something like this would happen to the UK having closely watched what happened in China, but as much as anyone can prepare for something like this, I’m sure very few people are prepared enough for what has indeed happened here in the UK.

I took it upon Myslef to stop sessions quite a lot earlier than most of My counterparts as I do deeply care about the health and well-being of My sluts and also My own health. I stopped sessions at the start of March and have been isolating in My rural hilly Homeland ever since. I am well but of course this is a trying and somewhat lonely time for U/us all.  On the cheery side I do have two fabulous co-workers here with Me (My little doggies) so they are very appreciative of all the extra time we get to spend together!

Financially the decision to stop sessions for the safety of all was utterly crippling for Me. Put simply no sessions means no income for Me. I have never ever been in position of not being able to see sluts and slaves (I have done this My whole adult life) so it is very distressing to not be able to do the job I love to do and not to see you all, My darling sluts.

I am in the ‘1.5 million shielded’ group of people due to an allergic condition (and the typical redhead’s immune system), so I have at least twelve weeks at home ahead of Me still.  This does of course have HUGE financial consequences as I will essentially be without any income for the foreseeable future and I do have a large commitment in the form of the TrannyFlat in London to keep paying for (in addition to all the usual bills you too will have at home, such as a mortgage, bills, credit cards, loans etc etc).  I don’t have vast amounts of savings as I have always seen just a few slaves per week (which My slaves have always appreciated) and I have always carefully paid the TrannyFlat rent, and for My home and bills in the Homeland and made a life for Myself in the way in which most of us do.  

I was most pleased to see that some help for the self employed has been announced but unfortunately this does not cover the costs of overheads (of which the TrannyFlat is one). The self employed help is for 80% of profits and thankfully  I have always paid My taxes and so I am hopeful I will get some small amount of support. However quite rightly, I have always put the TrannyFlat as an expense (as it is) alongside travel and items for the flat. This means I get nothing at all towards the upkeep of the TrannyFlat which is why I have asked for your help in this way.  It would not take many sluts to donate their usual monthly session fee to be able to keep the TrannyFlat in existence but I need you to consider doing that or the TrannyFlat simply won’t be there when this is all over.

I will be looking at setting up a paid for ‘BDSM text service’ as well as perhaps a chat line and I am also looking into online options though as most of you know I offer a very discreet service so do not want to end up doing online porn and splashing Myself all over the internet.  I would rather keep Myself for your eyes only. 

I am happy to look at distance slave training (paid for) at this time (via email or text) – please text Me if you would like to be trained and W/we can set this up.

As I am not at the TrannyFlat I cannot offer video or photo services however I will be setting up a few new online things which you will be able to sign up for to help keep the TrannyFlat going through this strange time.  

Please think about how much you are looking forward to sessioning when this is all over and think about what it will be like if the TrannyFlat is no longer there.  I’d like to be able to keep it going so please do all you can to support your Mistress and the TrannyFlat at this time!

Living in such a very rural spot when I am away for the TrannyFlat and having been snowed inside My own house for over three weeks before has meant I am in many ways prepared to wait this out and have sufficient food for quite a long haul as I am always ready for the snow at this time of year.  As a few of you know I live nearly off grid so have gas, water, heating sources and supplies that do not rely on regular services, which I am especially grateful for at this time. Being in the adult industry for around two decades has taught Me to be very resilient and I am quite well versed at growing My own things, fixing My own house and hunkering down when I need to. 

I miss the TrannyFlat and My sluts, boys and slaves so so much. 

I am grateful for all your texts asking how I am and I hope that knowing I am hidden away in the hills gives you some hope that we can session again and have some wonderful kinky fun when this is all over. 

I miss you all My darling sluts

Virual spitty kisses and for the sake of your Mistress PLEASE stay at home, support the NHS, save lives (and help the TrannyFlat).