Here is a blog by My Maid Miss Dani Tallulah about her slutty hopes for 2018….

“So the new year is upon us at last! i love 2018…with the mouth hole for 0 followed by a hard straight 1 and balls shaped 8 and the 2 in front it looks like the year of the double blow job. Which means it’s going to be great fun and hopefully it will give me a lot to er savour…

Of course those who serve Mistress Scarlett Thorne should realise that the new year didn’t begin until 3rd January when She declared the new year in the Scarlett Calendar rather than the inaccurate 1st January most people mistakenly believe it to be….also Mistress has banned January and it shall be renamed Scarlettuary because the first thing (as well as middle and last things) you should think about each year is Her. As i have said before Mistress owns you and she owns time.

But i digress. With each new year it is good to set some goals and dreams…things you hope may or will happen. For me there is one simple wish: I want to be castrated by Mistress Scarlett.

Now you may consider that to be a little extreme and wonder if i have finally lost control of my mental faculties. But my reason for wanting this more than anything else is because if Mistress castrates me a whole load of fabulous things will have happened before to lead to that moment.

Let’s get one thing straight i don’t have a fetish about being castrated. As regular readers will know i am at peace with the idea of it happening though as the final consummation of Mistress’ ownership over me. The likelihood is that it won’t be too painful as Mistress is most likely to use one of those rubber bands they put on male lambs to get their balls to drop off. She does mention Her chopping block and meat cleaver though…but even then after a few whacks and a bit of blood loss it would be over quickly. i am not in a position to argue because i am Her property body, mind and soul and that’s that.

But why do i want it to happen?

Well if Mistress castrates me it means that W/we will have passed the point of no return as Mistress and maid. As a neutered sissy i will have to give up my vanilla life, job etc and will be working as Her maid, slave, masseuse, secretary, whore, whatever She decides 24/7 (plus overtime). i will exist to serve Her and nothing more. If i am lucky She will have me fully feminised.

For this happy state of affairs to happen though, Mistress will have needed to have come into good fortune and be wealthy enough to be the Lady of Leisure Her natural demena and status suggest She is and should be. As a lifestyle Dominatrix i know that She would still want to abuse Her slaves so don’t worry about that, i’m not selfish. However, a rich Mistress would be free to pursue Her interests as well as spread even more happiness than She already does with sissy mansions, bdsm retreats, tranny farms, kinky boudoirs as well as doing even more with Her charity work.

So what i am saying is that my wish for 2018 is that Mistress Scarlett Thorne finds the wealth, happiness and good fortune that She so richly deserves. i want that for Her sake not mine but my deepest hope then is that when that happens She decides that She wants to keep me as Her personal slave permanently and full time at which point it will She says…“chop! chop!” “