Here is a blog that My slut ‘Bunni’ is writing about her distance servitude and chastity adventures…

I will post it is sections for you to enjoy

Spitty Kisses



DIARY LOG for Chastity Spittoon Day 01

This is day 1 of my blog for Mistress Scarlett Thorne…..Enjoy.

I should say my name is Bunni……a name given to me by Mistress Scarlett Thorne in 2013 on my one and only visit to her so far.

The name of the blog comes from Mistress Scarlett herself. I did let out of the bag that when I had the privilege to visit her, that the thing that really stuck with me was the way she humiliated me and spat in my face (amongst lots of other great memories). Hence she has promised to turn me into her Spittoon if I ever earn the right to visit her again in person. As for the chastity part of the Blog title, well as Mistress put it ‘Your Orgasms and pleasure now belong to me’ So Chastity for me until I’m told otherwise. And Bunni definitely wants to be a good girl for Mistress.

I should tell you a little about me. I’m under 35, So unfortunately I’m in the age bracket where I have a slight young man ego! Ooops, sorry Mistress.  But that’s nothing that MST cannot crush I’m sure. As for Bunni as a submissive girly wannabe, well I definitely am a submissive and LOVE Humiliation! My main query at the moment is what type of Sub I am? You see I’m still relatively new in my submissive / slave role.  I’m not sure if I’m a frilly sissy cocksucker, a cheeky maid, a bimbo slut, a naughty school girl, or any other type of crossdressing submissive. You see the recurring theme is humiliation and becoming Feminine little bitch. I’m sure Mistress will come up with the perfect alter ego for me that suits me and pleases her the most.

Anyway, back to the hear and now. I’m currently applying to become MST’s distance slave. This is out of my inherent need to serve the superior female sex and please Mistress enough to actually get to serve her in person once again. Unfortunately I’m not one of the lucky slaves who lives within close proximity of MST so I hope I can amuse and please in a small way from afar.

I have already been given a few tasks from MST, holding my cum, pegging my nipples and beginning to stretch my ass amongst others. It’s pretty hard to describe the pleasure I get from serving, the anticipation of receiving my next task. Maybe I’ll receive a small text message during a meeting or detailed email of what I’m required to do next to please Mistress. Everyday the feelings of wanting to please Mistress increase, as well as the thought that actually I would do anything to please her. I LOVE the idea of becoming her slave and being emasculated more and more until I’m a simpering little bitch ready to do anything Mistress asks.

Maybe its the fact that I’m now in day 6 of chastity (I haven’t been 6 days without cumming since I first masturbated) but I’m definitely becoming more and more submissive daily, as well as even more slutty! I hate to think what I will turn into the longer I serve Mistress.

I have even started to have lots of gay feelings lately (something I have never had), I’m not talking about dressed up as a girl in the safe confines of the Tranny flat and made to suck cock by Mistress type feelings. No,  I’m talking in ways I can benefit MST. Become a hot little rent boy for her (I mean working for her) sucking horny old men, dressing like a little Twink or a cute crossdresser, advertising my ass and mouth for all men to use. Becoming a cheap little gay boi to make money for MST. Maybe MST can put me on a strict diet programme, gym routine and grooming schedule to make me a total homo rent boi?

Anyway, I will leave the remainder of my slutty fantasies for my other blogs. Hopefully I have gave you an insight into Bunni the submissive and MST will allow me to serve her in whatever capacity she see’s fit.


DIARY LOG for Chastity Spittoon Day 02

This is day 2 of Bunni’s slutty diary….Enjoy.
I thought I’d write about all the things so far that MST has had me do. Now, it all might seem quite tame to read and maybe in comparison to what some of her other sluts and slaves get upto but I can assure you its been challenging for me….very challenging! Not least letting go of my male ego!
I cant believe that my usual daily wank (or 3!) has been replaced with a daily ass fingering session! MST has instructed me that I will not cum and start my ass stretching routine!  Well just how did I get to this point?.
My previous (pre MST era) routine  involved: A morning wank before work!, Every Lunch time I go to the gym to work out (another way to boost my male ego), when I’d finish I would usually get a shower and wank! It would be over some sort of porn…..yes I was a horny under 35 Douchbag with a horny little boy ego! I did wank to some BDSM stuff, some Bi stuff and that type of thing, but mostly I was also a typical guy! wanking over slutty woman, bimbo’s getting pounded off big cocked porn stars! I did imagine I was the dominant guy quite a lot too! Wanting to be the guy on the end of the blowjob (who doesn’t want a blowjob?). Having some hot little slut sucking my cock like a porn star.
Then after work, I would inevitably browse some porn sites to see what topic took my fancy that day……..wank…….cum…….fall asleep happy and satisfied! All pretty standard I would imagine for most guys. Not anymore!
Even during these times of acting like a “real man” I knew deep down inside this wasn’t what I wanted or what actually satisfied me. I craved something else, I knew deep down I really wanted to become a full time submissive and serve the superior Female race. I had dabbled with that idea in the past and even visited MST once a good few years ago. That submissive itch just wouldn’t go away! There was one recurring theme that would turn me on like nothing else. That was Feminization and humiliation in whatever form it took.
One day I would imagine I was a cute Frilly little sissy girl! Dressed all in pink! sissy girl knickers, frilly dress, pig tails, cute bows, little girly shoes, maybe some ankle socks forced to lisp and prance around! Sometimes I would add wearing diapers and plastic pants to that fantasy! *I’m embarrassed writing this* All the while having a dominant woman laugh and call me pathetic.
The next day it might be a cheeky school girl, grey pleated skirt, white knickers and matching training bra and shirt only buttoned half way! chewing gum with a teen attitude!
Or maybe I’d go extreme! Becoming the bimbo I’d fantasied about fucking! tiny g-string, mini skirt, tight little top with huge fake boobs, fake eye lashes, fake nails, hair extensions, fuck me heels and way too much makeup! you know the type….Just think Jeremy Kyle whore and you get the idea. And then act the part too! flirting with guys, sucking cock in a club toilet or being pounded in a dark alley way with my knickers at my ankles and skirt up at my waist! There were a lot of other submissive fantasies in between but you get the idea!
So my mind was made up! embrace your submissive Girly side and do something about it! I knew I had to contact MST again. Hence the situation I am in now, serving the beautiful MST. I must say I am still unsure if Mistress has accepted me as one of her slaves! I’d say I’m still very much in the newbie camp! but trying to impress her as much as possible. I know she has a camp of dedicated slaves, sluts and sissies and maybe becoming one of those trusted to serve will be a challenge, but it’s a task I’m embracing.
So that brings me to my new routine! No wanking, Ass stretching daily, new girly clothes to wear when I’m alone, nipple clamps (Ouch! pain is not my thing, but I’m trying to be a good girl and do as I’m told) sending Pictures to MST to amuse her and humiliate me….and finally writing a blog so other sluts can “gang rape my brain” as Mistress so eloquently puts it :).
Now the strangest thing has happened, I am really starting to enjoy the whole chastity aspect! yes its very frustrating but hugely satisfying! I’m definitely trying to get my head in the place where Mistress wants it! The understanding that my pleasure is of no consequence! Mistress’s happiness is my only concern. My clit is now redundant and will only be used as Mistress see’s fit.
The chastity is also having another effect too (I’m currently on day 7)….I’m becoming increasingly submissive! to say….I’m actually enjoying my daily ass fingering! something the old male “Bunni” would not be able to comprehend! Every day I look forward to crawling into bed naked and fingering my ass like a bitch on heat! imaging what a slutty little bitch I will become for Mistress.
OK, enough for today…..I will leave the rest for another Blog.
Bunni xxxx