What is this love i feel
for my fabulous Mistress?
It is at once so powerful…
and yet mysterious.
What word would it be…
that the Greeks might say?
All i know is that i adore Her
every moment of the day.
Is the word for it philia?
She is my greatest friend…
but somehow as a description
that is not the end.
Eros seems good
for someone as sexy as Scarlett,
but while She is the image of desire
She’s no cheap harlot (unlike me).
Ludus is the word
for love that plays.
But Mistress’ games
end in painful flays.
Pragma reminds me
that this love is long living
Although even after just five years
She’s had to be very forgiving.
As a benevolent dictator
my love for Her is storge.
She forces me to whore
So male clients on my can gorge.
Perhaps though this love
Is really agape.
It is unconditional
and shapes my every day.
In truth though no word
can describe this love.
i am like the dog at Her feet
Looking adoringly at Her above.
my devotion is total
and while fools may scorn.
i want to work harder and suffer more
forever of Mistress Scarlett Thorne.