10 ways to be a gurl in your normal life


If there is one thing that the top London Dominatrix and uber expert in forced feminisation Mistress Scarlett Thorne likes it is home work for Her subs and slaves. This is particularly true for Her sissies and tranny sluts who are expected to continue their feminine transformation at home and work.

The process of feminisation should not, according to Mistress Thorne, end at the Tranny Flat door, it needs to be worked on and embedded in the psyche.

But for most subs and sissies this is easier said than done. For those of us who lead a double life, how do you continue as a woman when you are supposed to be a man?

The answer is that there are some surprisingly simple things you can do to secretly keep your true female identity alive and remind you what you really are.

Here are 10 suggestions, which also provide a good checklist to do the homework Mistress Scarlett Thorne expects:

1. Sit on the toilet to pee like a woman – That thing between your legs is a clitoris not a cock to be waved around! So sit or crouch like a woman whenever you have to go. This is the easiest thing to do and can be done in private. It will also make your partner happier because you won’t be making all those nasty splashes in the little girl’s room.

2. Start only drinking beverages that are properly feminine – Helpfully i have provided you already with a guide to this which you can find by clicking here. Remember it is not what you drink but how you drink!

3. Stop taking showers and soak in the bath instead – Have a long, relaxing time in the bath preferably with soothing salts and balms as well as bubble bath.

Washing is not just for cleaning at speed it is something to linger over and appreciate. Think of all the times you have heard a girl using the excuse “I need to wash my hair.” Being in the bath allows you to run your hands up and down your body and make you feel that much more sexy.

4. Shave your pussy – What i am saying here is shave your arse crack, to put it crudely. In reality it is your pussy and a sexy girl’s pussy is always prepared to attract cock.

But on a practical level this is a great place to shave if you don’t want to be obvious about shaving. They don’t describe it as the place where the sun don’t shine for nothing!

For more advice on tactical shaving click here.

5. Wear male clothes in girlie colours – my best tranny friend @PrincessTST gave me this idea after she had the great fortune to go shopping with the amazing Mistress Scarlett Thorne the other day. Princess needed some boy clothes for work and other vanilla scenarios but wanted to be as feminine as possible. So she chose the most feminine colours available, mostly red as far as i could tell.

But this is something that can be done by us all. Next time you see a guy in a suit with a pink shirt just make a mental note that “he” might have read my blog.

6. Read the fashion pages not the sports news – If you’re going to think like a girl you need to start filling your head with things which will be interesting in female company. While many people think newspapers are dead wood, they are happily ubiquitous with a variety of things covered which means they provide perfect cover.

The trick is not to turn to the back page for the sport or the middle ones for the business (yawn!!!). Think feminine subjects. Get a paper with a good women’s section or decent fashion pages. Check out health stories and find out make up tips.

7. Get a handbag and tell everyone it is a “man” bag – The one good thing about male fashion is that it is slowly feminising but pretending not to. The invention of man bags to carry papers and other stuff around to and from work is a perfect example of this. Get one, you know it’s really a handbag and, as a gurl, you can carry it with pride!

8. Use lip moisteriser and face cream – Most of us cannot go around with make-up on in our normal lives but there are things you can do to get the feeling you are painting your face, while doing it a bit of good. So treat your face with cream and moisteriser. The best thing to carry around is the lip moisteriser which is just like lipstick but can be passed off as dealing with a dry lip problem. Lipstick needs regular topping up so remember to moisterise your mouth at every opportunity.

9. Never sit with your legs apart – This is a disgusting selfish male habit and SO SO unladylike! It’s all about showing your manhood and taking as much territory as he can spreading out interfering with other people’s personal space and cramping them up. Start sitting with your legs demurely clamped together. Remember modesty below the waste and thrust your chest forward a bit, that’s the way to get admirers. Most importantly though you are sitting there thinking you are a woman.

10. Do the house work – You should be considerate and do this anyway. So many men though think that they can get away with cooking the odd meal and pretending to be skilled at DIY (i have yet to meet a man who can match this boast!).

Think like a woman, take pride in a clean house and start believing you are the maid in your own home. You may not be wearing a dress when you do it but metaphorically you will be.

At the same time you should abandon DIY. It is not something that should interest you much and it robs you of the pleasure of getting a real handyman round to do the work on your plumbing.

The great thing about all these tips is that you can do them without anybody suspecting you are being a gurl.

But the other thing is that they will make your partner happy. After all you will be cleaning up and helping out, keeping your stuff tidy in your new bag, not making a mess missing around the toilet, respecting people’s personal space and able to talk about things which interest women.

This guide is a win, win all round for everyone in both your lives.

If you have any questions about being a tranny or a sub email me at trannyagony.live.co.uk or contact me on Twitter on @DaniTallulah