29Jan 2017

Here is an interesting, funny and insightful new blog by My long-suffering maid Dani.   She is certainly in trouble for this one… There’s some truth for you. We are told that we live in a “post truth era”, or at least that’s what keep hearing boring people saying on the news Mistress is watching on […]

06Oct 2016

DIARY LOG for Chastity Spittoon Day 03   This is day 3 of Bunni’s slutty diary….Enjoy.   So this is only day 3 of my Blog for MST, but I’m now in day 8 of Chastity and my Anal stretching. I must say this last 24hrs has been the most frustrating. I don’t think I’ve […]

17Jun 2016

A new blog on why maids are better than machines A new blog by Dani Tallulah of the TrannyFlat London “Dani! WHY do I employ you?” It’s a question Mistress Scarlett Thorne asks about me almost every day…well actually every day more than once…when i have failed to meet the required standard of service yet […]

21Dec 2015

A fantastic blog here from My slut Dani Tallulah on surviving Christmas here in the TrannyFlat – see more of her brilliant blogs HERE ( http://trannyagony.blogspot.co.uk/) How a slave can survive Christmas As many of you may be aware i am something of a shopaholic…it is pretty difficult for me to walk by a shop with […]

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